Comprehensive Combatives

For a combatives system to be truly comprehensive it has to include these four broad categories in it’s training:

1. The use of AND defense against the FOUR RANGES OF UNARMED COMBAT, namely Kicking, Punching, Clinching and Ground Fighting.

2. The use of AND defense against the FIVE PROTECTION TOOL CATEGORIES, namely Impact, Edged, Flexible, Projectile and Combinations of these.

3.  SCENARIO BASED TRAINING that includes blending the use of and defense against the four ranges of unarmed combat with the use of and defense against the five protection tool categories. The top three scenarios to be trained in are multiple attacker survival, home invasion survival and car jacking survival.

4. Methodically PRESSURE TESTING your personal protection skill sets through Force On Force Adrenaline Stress Conditioning.

By training in a combatives system that includes these four broad categories, you’re greatly improving your chances of surviving any combat situation.


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