Halloween Health Tips

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re health-​​conscious then you’re feeling the excitement of the holiday, but also the anxiety that you may get derailed from your healthy lifestyle.  How can you participate in Halloween and enjoy the holiday without packing on the pounds?  Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1) The great thing about Halloween candy is that it is wrapped in small individual packages.  Take advantage of this and give yourself a limit – on Halloween and in the days following.  Choose one or two of your favorites each day and allow one small piece of each.

2) After the tricker-​​treaters have gone, get any leftover candy out of the house!  If you have children who came home with loads of candy and you can’t resist, follow tip #1.

3) Try to choose the least damaging treats – these include dark chocolates like Hershey’s Special Dark miniatures, popcorn balls, candy apples, and pumpkin seeds.  Trail mix can also be a nice treat since it has chocolate pieces but also healthy nuts and dried fruit.

4) Step up the exercise!!  Although holiday time can be hectic, now is the time to stay focused and not to let it slip.  If you’re able to add an extra exercise session each week, you can offset some of those extra calories that sneak in.

5) If you’re attending a Halloween party, focus on socializing and dancing (burn extra calories) versus eating.  Allow a cocktail or two, but stick to wine, beer, or hard liquor mixed with club soda or diet soda.  Avoid high-​​sugar beverages like margaritas and mixers like juice and regular soda.

Happy Halloween!


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