How to Hit Like a Sledgehammer

Being in the military meant I never really got to stay in one place for all that long.

In my combatives training, that meant skipping around from style to style depending up what was available on the military base I was assigned to.

Back in the 80’s, before “reality based” stuff really caught on, that pretty much broke down to common traditional karate systems.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of disconnects between martial arts (even mixed martial arts!) and how to win a street fight.

Here’s what I mean…

The Martial Arts Mistake That Actually
Trains You To Hit Like A Girl Scout

Most of the martial arts schools I trained at built an entire attack philosophy around more of a “points” system rather than a “kick the sh-​​t out of the bad guy” approach.

For example, it’s common in many martial arts schools to use a “snapping” motion with both punches and kicks in which you strike and quickly retract your fist or foot to punch again.

Sound familiar?

This works great if all you have to do is touch a spot on your sparring partner to score a point and need to aim again in case you missed.

It sucks if your goal is to churn some gangbanger’s guts into hamburger!

Here’s why…

Striking Power Comparison
For Street Fighting

Think about the difference between using a hammer versus a sledgehammer.

With a hammer, your aim is to hit a nail and then quickly pick the hammer back up and hit the nail again and again until it finally goes in. Speed is a primary factor in getting the nail in as fast as possible.

When you use a sledgehammer however, your goal is to knock the living hell out of something with as few blows as possible, preferably just ONE.

Well, same goes with your strikes in a real fight.

Since your goal is to end an attack as quickly as possible, you don’t want to be messing around with rapid, “speed punches” that make contact but do little do inflict damage.

I’d much rather get in one good solid “sledgehammer” strike on a vital target that makes my attacker see stars than get in a bunch of faster, less powerful strikes.

Yet this is how most guys strike because they don’t understand how to deliver REAL power into their punches and kicks.

No worries, here’s how to do it…

How To Punch And Kick
Like A Sledgehammer

The secret is to NOT focus on the surface of your attacker’s body as the “contact point”.

Your ACTUAL target lies somewhere about 6 inches PAST his body.

So when you strike, you want to imagine that your fist or your foot is traveling THROUGH your attacker’s body and literally coming out the other side.

What takes place INSIDE your attacker’s body is nothing short of complete devastation!

First, the force behind your strike is condensed to a much smaller area, focusing all of your power into a tiny section versus diffusing your effort across a wider area like that from a strike that makes contact and then snaps back. (Think of it as the difference between getting shot with a shotgun using buckshot vs. a slug. Slugs leave big wide, gaping holes and do much more damage!)

Second, your strike, although it won’t actually pop out the other side of your attacker’s body, WILL drive deeper into their insides and do more damage.

Training for such a destructive blow is surprisingly easy (though a bit harder to reprogram for those of you who are used to snappy “point strikes”).

How To Train For Powerful
Punches And Kicks

When you punch or kick (a bag or a training partner), instead of quickly retracting your strike, make it “stick” to your target as if you were hitting fly paper.

This “stick striking” will very quickly reprogram your brain to avoid retracting your strike and you’ll be able to better mentally imagine your blow traveling THROUGH your target until it becomes second nature.

And that’s EXACTLY what you need to do…

If you’re attacking the ribs, Visualize your fist moving THROUGH your target, snapping bones like twigs and coming out the other side, leaving a wide hole in its wake!

If you’re attacking a leg with a roundhouse kick, imagine that you’re literally shearing off the leg in half.

Head shot? All you want left is shoulders…the head should snap right off.

Getting the picture (as morbid as it may sound)?

The goal here isn’t to actually visualize spurting blood and eyeballs flying through the air…but rather to simply train your body to think beyond surface targets to put more power into your strikes…

…and hit like a sledgehammer!


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