Reality Based Integrative Firearms Training

I borrowed the word “Integrative” to describe my approach to firearms training from “Integrative Medicine.” True Integrative Medicine uses FUNCTIONAL healing methods from all over the world, be they ancient or modern, eastern or western. They only thing that matters is if it really works. Likewise, in my Integrative Firearms Training Program we use methods that are both ancient and modern, eastern and western and most importantly fully functional. What I mean by functional techniques is that they have been pressure tested in an alive manner through force on force adrenaline stress conditioning. The way to do that is through Scenario Based Training.

There’s a lot of cult like dogma in the world of firearms. Just as much or even more than in the worlds of self defense and martial arts. When I say dogma I mean that the “expert” teacher tells his students that there’s only one way to do something, or there’s only one type of firearm/​ammo/​tactics to use. Some great examples of this are the never ending debates of point shooting v. sighted shooting, Weaver Stance v. Isosceles Stance, Auto Loaders v. Wheel Guns, Rifles v. Shot Guns, Strong Side Draw v. Cross Draw, Hardball Ammo v. Hollow Point Ammo. The list goes on and on and on.

The way to transcend cult like dogma is to do what Bruce Lee admonished us to do; “absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own.” In other words we have to train in an alive manner against fully resisting training partners. When it comes to firearms training that means that we have to set up scenarios where trusted training partners are coming at us with the intent to club, stab or shoot us with safe training weapons. After a few of these ‘free fighting’ sessions it will be brilliantly aparent to everyone involved what actually will save your life in a gun fight and what will get you killed. No need for dogma or experts. You become your own expert. You discover through pressure testing the tactics what works for you. You INTEGRATE into your skill sets those things that will get you home safe and allow you to live a long happy life.

Integrative Firearms Training is all about proper alive training. Once you’ve become a fully fuctional gun fighter you can then concern yourself with all the gear you are going to buy.


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