The Best Self Defense Techniques Against Multiple Attackers

The best self defense technique against multiple attackers is to not be where the bad guys are.

If you can avoid danger and are aware of your surroundings, you’ll get through life without ever having to bruise a knuckle.

The second best self defense technique against multiple attackers?

When it comes to surviving a real world street fighting — one where you’re surrounded by a group of adrenaline-​​fueled thugs looking to stomp you into oblivion with their steel-​​toed workboots — your best option is to run!

That may sound like a whuss move to you, but frankly, it’s most often your best one.

Remember, self defense is NOT about your black-​​ops assassin bag of tricks to decapitate every hoodlum in sight.

In fact, SURVIVAL is your only goal!

If you can RUN…then do it!

But there’s a problem here…

The Big Mistake Most People Make
When Escaping From A Violent
Group Of Attackers

When it’s obvious that escape is critical, most people do the same thing.

They run AWAY from the danger they face.

Makes sense, right? Not quite.

You see, running “away” is not tactically smart because you could end up anywhere…including a dead end with no way to escape!

So what SHOULD you do?

Well, instead of running AWAY from danger…you want to run TO “safety”!

Small change in words, but with a HUGE impact that could mean life or death in a real street fight.

Here’s how we approach it in the “How To Defeat Multiple Attackers” program…

Mastering The “Tactical Run“
When Facing Multiple Attackers
In A Real Street Fight

Instead of focusing on the threat behind you, you need to look ahead at the safest environment you can find.

This may mean a well-​​lit area of the town you’re in.

It could be a convenient store on the corner.

It could even be a busy highway!

But here’s the most important thing that nearly EVERYONE screws up…

That “safety” you run to could require you to go THROUGH your attackers!

You see, if you reacted by simply running in the opposite direction of the threat you face (the way most people will), then you’re at the mercy of your speed and your environment.

Your safest destination may be in front of you and your attackers may be blocking your route.

That’s why, besides knowing how to run tactically, you need to know
how to master the techniques to defeat multiple attackers

There may be a point where you need to turn around and stand your ground.

At that juncture, most people will give up, curl up in a ball, and take their beating.

That’s suicide!

You need to turn into an absolute madman (or madwoman!) and do whatever it takes to destroy the men who are trying to keep you from returning home to safety.

This requires knowledge and training.

Find it. Train with it. Be prepared to use it!



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