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Preset Treadmill Workouts That Make Indoor Running More Interesting

As a treadmill user, I’ve always considered the preset treadmill workouts a major advantage for my training routine. These exercises are designed by professional trainers for specific goals and they are programmed in treadmills’ consoles to automatically control the speed and/​or the incline of the belt during the run. All you have to do is know what workout you want to complete, choose the preset exercise from the console and start running.

This article lists the most interesting preset exercises a treadmill can come with. Don’t hesitate to try them. You will be amazed by your results and progress.

Prepping the Youth Uber Athlete

By Hal Pittman

Prepping the Youth Uber Athlete: Recollections of a Father-​​Coach from the AAU Junior Olympic Games

I sometimes hear parents talk about how they don’t have the time to get involved in their children’s activities because of work. Frankly, I don’t buy it. I’ve been a military officer for 28 years now (I’m age 50) and I’ve spent a good deal of the past ten years away from home in countries in the Middle East and Central Asia that most Americans can’t find on a map. I still spend a substantial part of my off-​​time working with my 12-​​year-​​old son to help him achieve his athletic goals.

Why Self Defense Needs a BIG Makeover – By Bill Kipp

It is amazing and even quite sad how in this advanced age of communication, something as important as self defense is still so vastly misunderstood. Think about it: Ask 100 people what they think self defense is and you will get all manner of responses. The typical response is filled with images of cinematic flashy moves, breaking boards and bricks, and deadly secret death touches. Yet for the most part, these have little or nothing to do with how real people could or should try to defend themselves.

And perhaps more to the point, these misconceptions create false fear and denial that keep so many people from ever taking a self defense course, even though it is a subject that everyone needs to know in our ever increasingly violent world!

There are currently a number of self defense and martial arts organizations that have transcended the stereotypes of self defense and actually do provide very effective state of the art self protection.

Fit For Duty: Operation Breaking Barriers

No gimmicks or money back guarantees; just a hardcore strength training workout that targets the entire body. Plus, in our “Train Smart Stay Strong” segment, CDR Dave Keblish rehabs a torn hamstring.

Smash the Face — Destroy them with Elbows — Self-​​Defense Technique

You might not want to hurt another human being, but sometimes you are left with no choice…

If an attacker becomes aggressive towards you, your family or your friends, then they leave you with no choice but to get physical!

In this self defense video, I am going to show you the very effective elbow strikes from face smash technique. This self defense technique takes NO PRISIONERS, and can quickly leave an attacker on the floor wondering what just hit him.

Intense Martial Arts Workout — Gain Strength for Martial Arts

If you practice martial arts, one thing you should always be doing is improving your strength, stamina and endurance. When it comes to a fight, this can be the DIFFERENCE between winning or losing.

In this martial arts workout video, I will show you a crazy martial arts workout that takes things to a whole new level. This is definitely one of my favorite strength and training workouts for martial arts.

Gracie Combatives and Gracie Survival Tactics

Gracie Combatives and Gracie Survival Tactics: A Gracie University Training Program that will help any Martial Artist become a more complete fighter!

Ground defensive techniques are a must to properly defend yourself as a police operator due to the number of people studying ground based jiu-​​jitsu systems. Finding the time and/​or school to attend can be a real problem. Now, thanks to Ryron and Rener Gracie (head instructors at Gracie Academy), there is a cost effective and practical solution. Anyone can now study the world famous Gracie Jiu-​​Jitsu system at


Fit For Duty: Back & Triceps

Learn which muscle to work out and why with MSgt Mike Skaggs in the weight room. Plus, we discuss the importance of having a workout partner and we have advice on properly rehabilitating an injury in “Train Smart Stay Strong”.

Down and Dirty: Combo Moves for Traveling Workouts!

It’s that time again. Thanksgiving and the winter “Heavy Holidays”! That also means it’s time for more new no-​​equipment, do-​​anywhere moves from my Fit Travel DVD and Slimnastics workout program.

Save this blog for when the turkey and potatoes give you too much filling, or when stress and travel cut into your workout time.

My new “Down and Dirty” combo move works every major muscle group, from calves to quads, buns to abs, lower and upper back, chest arms and shoulders. Oh, and cardio too!

I performed this combo last weekend on Fox and Friends. Get more moves on my NikkiFitness Facebook page!

Wrestling for Self-​​Defense: The Snatch Single Takedown

It works in the MMA cage, but is the single leg takedown effective on the street?

In this self defense video, Gary and myself (Matt) will teach you one of the most aggressive and effective ways to put a street attacker on his back and then quickly transition to the mount where you can end the fight. This move is great for bigger guys who lack speed and agility.

Police Fitness: Beyond the Academy

Fitness can be a dirty word in the world of law enforcement. For years, some police officers let themselves become fat and lazy while their counterparts in military operations maintained a level of fitness that was required for the job. There have been improvements in the attitude towards fitness that police display. Donuts, coffee, and cigarettes, have given way to bagels, bottled water, and protein shakes. In the “Academy” physical training was a regular, if not a daily, event. Then once “On the Job” for a period of time, fitness went out the window due to shift work, poor diets, and other obligations.

Tips for a Guiltless Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us, and with it comes some of the anxiety that is associated with holiday eating and weight gain.  There are some very simple changes you can make to be healthier and prevent weight gain.  A typical Thanksgiving meal contains about 3,500 calories.  Coincidentally, there are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat!

Here are some tips to keep in mind next week during your Thanksgiving holiday…

A Healthy Thanksgiving

To indulge or not to indulge? That is the question most people ask themselves over the holiday season, especially during Thanksgiving.

The holiday is often associated with feasting, but today’s generation is more health conscious than ever before. With a few helpful tips, along with the realization that one meal won’t ruin a carefully constructed diet and exercise plan, it’s possible to survive a Thanksgiving meal.

Catherine Jennings, the Health and Wellness Center’s community dietitian admitted that it’s OK for people to indulge one day out of the year, granted they maintain their daily exercise routine. Contrary to popular belief, most people only gain about 1-​​pound over the holidays.

“It’s not about what you do between Thanksgiving and New Year, but what you do between New Year’s and next Thanksgiving,” said Jennings. Nevertheless, there are strategies for the health conscious to survive Thanksgiving.

What Is Comprehensive Personal Protection?

I’ve recently had a Gestalt like epiphany. Most martial artists have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “Reality Based Self Defense” or “Complete Martial Arts.” I base this new found understanding on numerous emails from my readers. I decided to make a list of the major components of what a truly comprehensive big picture real life personal protection program must include.

Here it is…

The ABC’s of Adrenal Stress Scenario Based Self Defense

Most fights are won or lost before the first punch is ever thrown.

Yet, most Self Defense courses devote a great deal if not all of their training to physical techniques. This is because most Self-​​Defense courses are derived from the Martial Arts. The Martial Arts are technique-​​based systems where one begins slowly and after many years eventually masters various “Martial” movements and forms. These techniques require a high level of physical dexterity and fine motor skills.

The standard Self-​​Defense course is based on applying various martial arts movements to defend against the myriad of ways an attacker may carry out an assault. Unfortunately, arming students with only physical skills leaves out huge chunks of information that are crucial in effectively stopping a fight before it occurs. Add to that the fact that much of the physical skill training taught is too complex to work in a real encounter and the harsh truth is that most self-​​defense training can actually be setting the student up for failure, sometimes with catastrophic results. Sadly, stories abound of an experienced martial artist getting beaten up by a seasoned street fighter who knows how to verbally intimidate and hit with one or two techniques really hard.

Sigung Paul Vunak’s Contemporary JKD

I’ve been a fan of Sigung Paul Vunak ever since I watched his first Panther JKD/​FMA Videos that were released  in 1986. I distinctly remember watching his now often imitated knife cutting demonstration. Sigung Vunak hung a big chunk of meat from a line and cut it with a knife. It demonstrated quite viscerally how dangerous a single knife cut could be, as well as how important it is to have viable edged weapon survival skills. A very important lesson for everyone to learn.

Attitude Adjustment

I was watching Oprah. I tuned in because she had a show about women’s health.  Most of it featured women who have trouble sleeping, have a low sex drive, are depressed, and pop too many prescription pills. They all admit they don’t eat well and don’t exercise enough. “Hello?!,” I yelled from the couch. Why don’t they realize that eating right and exercising are the most important things you do all day?

Many of us need an Attitude Adjustment. Here are 5 ways to do it.

1) Change your priorities. There is a comic strip that I love … it is a doctor asking a patient why he doesn’t exercise. The patient says he doesn’t have a free hour in the day. The doctor asks, “Do you have 24 hours a day to be dead?” If we change our attitude about what we eat and do during the day, the doctor would not have to ask that question.

Police Operations Combatives Program

POC-​​P Police Operations Combatives Program/​MAC Modern American Combatives: One Method of Defensive Tactics and Self-​​Rescue

There are a wide variety of combatives programs, police defensive tactics programs, and martial arts systems out there for the operator to choose from. The priorities might change after you survive the initial attack, regardless of what the attack might be; firearm, edged weapon, impact weapon, or empty hands. Military operators might keep moving after engaging the enemy and police might have to take cover, standby, and take the combatant into custody for criminal prosecution. Regardless of what step two is, you must complete step one and mitigate the attack presented towards you. The POC-​​P Police Operations (or Officer) Combatives Program/​MAC Modern American Combatives offers one option to succeed in step one and step two.

The U.S. Marine Mindfulness Meditation Program

It thrills me to no end to find out things like that the U.S. Army has a full time Acupuncture clinic at one of their hospitals, or the the U.S. Marine Corps is studying the effects of mindfulness meditation on Marines being deployed into combat.

What’s even more fascinating is that VIPASSANA BHAVANA “Insight Meditation” also known as Mindfulness Meditation is the system devised by The Buddha himself to help humanity transcend suffering. There’s definitely no question of religious conversion though, The Buddha didn’t found a religion, but instead taught a way out of suffering by the skillful use of our minds through meditative awareness.

Full Contact?

I received several emails about my recent blog post entitled “FULL CONTACT!” I would like to clarify my thoughts on making contact with your training partner so as to condition yourself to actually hit your attacker in a real life fight.

Several readers were concerned that if they trained “Full Contact,” their students would be injured and they would lose business because of this. I’m most definitely NOT saying that you should turn your training sessions, classes or seminars into an all out MMA steel cage match. What I am saying is that if you want to develop functional personal protection skills you have to train yourself and your students to ‘stick to and blast through’ your target by using slamming like dynamics.