Sigung Paul Vunak’s Contemporary JKD

I’ve been a fan of Sigung Paul Vunak ever since I watched his first Panther JKD/​FMA Videos that were released  in 1986. I distinctly remember watching his now often imitated knife cutting demonstration. Sigung Vunak hung a big chunk of meat from a line and cut it with a knife. It demonstrated quite viscerally how dangerous a single knife cut could be, as well as how important it is to have viable edged weapon survival skills. A very important lesson for everyone to learn.

He is a direct student of living legend Guro Dan Inosanto and began training with the Gracie Family in 1983, a full ten years before the first UFC. He was instrumental in introducing the JKD community and ultimately the martial arts community at large to the effectiveness of Brazilian Jujutsu. He also introduced the world to KINA MUTAI; the Filipino sub-​​art of biting and eye gouging, which he combines with BJJ.

I’m very impressed with Sigung Vunak’s ADAPT FOR LIFE Program where he and his ‘Descendants of the Masters’ Senior Instructors teach martial arts to kids with disabilities for free. It’s great to see a famous martial arts instructor do something so selfless and life affirming.

I really like how Paul Vunak took all of the Jeet Kune Do Concepts arts and blended them into a Reality Based Self Defense system which he calls FILTHY MMA.

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