The National College of Martial Arts International

The National College of Martial Arts International: A Brotherhood and Sisterhood of True Martial Artists

There are many choices in martial arts organizations. Some are legitimate and some are not. The National College of Martial Arts International founded by Hanshi Lou Angel (10th Dan Black Belt), is one of those professional and legitimate organizations. Founded in 1989, it offers everything a student, or teacher, of the martial arts needs. Although focusing on traditional arts, I have found Hanshi Angel to be very open-​​minded when it comes to non-​​traditional combatives styles. Hanshi has a vast amount of knowledge of all styles and systems of martial arts and can easily determine skill level or appropriate rank.

Hanshi Angel is a true warrior who was trained in Japan and then used his combat skills as a Marine and as a police officer. Hanshi trained under the founder of Goju-​​Ryu, Gogen “The Cat” Yamaguchi. Originally from New York, Hanshi Angel moved to the Mid-​​west after discovering a need for a good martial arts school there. Ever since, he has run schools as well as the National College.

I have known Hanshi Angel since 1990, when I first joined his organization. They offered me support and certification to my students. Furthermore, before the days of e-​​mails, I used to write Hanshi Angel letters about my journey to become a full-​​time police officer and he offered me encouragement from someone who had been there. Hanshi Angel is never too busy to speak to a member or at least to e-​​mail him or her. He is direct and to the point, good qualities to have as a man who heads a large martial arts organization. He is an advisor and a mentor, to myself and many others, including Kenpo Master Jeff Speakman (from “The Perfect Weapon), who earned his first black belt from Hanshi Angel.

If you are looking for a top notch organization to certify you, your school, and your students then this is it. The NCMA offers all sorts of tournament competitions as well as advice on how to successfully teach martial arts and to run a school. Remember, “If not me, then who?” Stay Safe!



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