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New Year, New You

If health and wellness is what you want in 2012, here is your plan.

The key is to set goals that are realistic and specific, and having a set time period as your goal will help you stick to a new fitness regime. Write down your plan of action for every day, week, etc. Make sure it is something you can measure and not just the end goal, but the milestones along the way.

I have a wall calendar that I only use for recording and planning workouts, so that is my first to do list each day and I can track my progress and plan cross-​​training routines like jogging, muscle and cardio interval workouts, yoga and more.

Start with a plan that you think you can accomplish or exceed. (Walking for 30 minutes at a time. Then running for 20 minutes and see how many times you have to stop and walk each time. Eventually work up to running for 30 minutes and so on. It can also be benching a certain amount of weight each week.)

Pre-​​Resolution Workout for Holiday Travel

We talked about the Challenges of Thanksgiving travel, food and fitness, and less than a month later, her are bombarded with holiday travel and parties again. Avoid making your New Year resolution about fitness if you just spend half an hour per day working some fitness into the fun. Here are some moves and video from my Fit Travel Workout DVD in an interview I did with New York 1 News.  The video was shot around the world, from Chicago to China, so you can see all the places Santa will be visiting soon.… but you won’t have his belly!


The Ninja families of feudal Japan developed what is perhaps the ultimate survival strategy, INVISIBILITY. Invisibility is the most proactive of all the survival strategies available to us. If your enemy does not perceive you as being either a threat or a target, he will never attack you. What more effective way to protect yourself than to simply be invisible to those that would harm you. Yes, it’s important to have viable personal protection skills and to have pre-​​emptive strike ability, but  truly the most skillful way to protect ourselves is simple not being where the danger is or not appearing to be a threat or target to our enemies.

Fit For Duty: Operation Breaking Barriers

No gimmicks or money back guarantees; just hardcore strength training workouts that target the entire body. Plus, in our Train Smart Stay Strong” segment, CDR Dave Keblish rehabs a torn hamstring.

Ready For a Winter Workout?

For many, working up the motivation to exercise is a workout in and of itself. A desire to hit the gym is often trumped by excuses, soon forgotten about, and regretted later. It is understandable — there is work to do, children to take care of, spouses to support, and not enough time in the day. However, according to staff at the Dover Air Force Base, Del., Fitness Center, there is one excuse that should not be a deal-​​breaker — “it is too cold.”

“Whenever the temperature drops, so does people’s motivation to exercise,” said Airman Jerome Reed, fitness apprentice with the 436th Force Support Squadron. “[However], with the right preparation, working out in the winter can be a safe way to stay fit.”

Proper planning before the workout

A healthy cold-​​weather workout begins before heading out the door. The first step is to dress for the cold. Clothing should be warm without over-​​heating the body during rigorous exercise. When in cold temperatures, the body must work overtime to keep its core temperature up. More energy spent keeping the body warm means less energy for exercising. Dressing in layers helps trap heat at the skin’s surface, thereby keeping muscles warm and limber.

Maintainers Use Intense PT Program to Get on Track

Former Air Force flight surgeon and world-​​renowned aerobics expert Dr. Kenneth Cooper famously proclaimed that “fitness is a journey, not a destination.”

When the 1st Maintenance Squadron tallied 75 physical fitness test failures in February 2011, Staff Sgt. Bradley Domes, the unit fitness program manager, brought Cooper’s mantra to the table to make changes in Airmen’s waistlines and lifestyles.

Domes and Staff Sgt. Eric Thomsen, the unit’s head physical training leader, developed an intense physical training regimen for the unit, transforming mundane self-​​paced exercise into explosive, multi-​​faceted group workouts. The “hardcore” sessions include test fundamentals, such as push-​​ups and sit-​​ups, to more inventive activities, including sled pushes and parachute sprints.

The circuits are designed to be intense, but informative, teaching Airmen challenging, but fun new ways to work out to improve their total fitness.

“I designed these circuits to help show that you don’t just have to run, do push-​​ups and sit-​​ups to get a work out,” Domes said. “We still have to do them, but there are other options.”

Real Street Fight Tactic: Forward Drive

Knowing how to win a real street fight is sometimes a matter of overcoming the most common mistakes people make when defending themselves.

Let’s begin by looking at one of the mistakes.

In many of the street fights that have been captured on tape, two people are standing toe-​​to-​​toe, trading blows furiously. 

A True American Police Hero: Lieutenant John C. Enger: Police Commander (Retired)

A True American Police Hero: Lieutenant John C. Enger: Police Commander (Retired)

John Enger is a warrior. He is a mentor. He is a police officer. He is a martial arts instructor. He is worthy of recognition. When discussing the warrior and survival mindset, it helps to discuss examples of warriors and law enforcement officers who should be emulated. Lieutenant John Enger is one of those people.

John Enger had a long and successful career in law enforcement in the Great State of Minnesota. He served as a police officer for the University of Minnesota Police Department for a period of 22 years, retiring in 1997 with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was assigned to patrol, training, and ultimately a command staff position.

NikkiFitness Holiday Gift Guide

Three products that make working out better: NikkiFitness Holiday Gift Guide

Listen: Some people love the sound of their heart pounding, the birds chirping, the treadmill whirling. Others like a distraction to get the through their workout.

If you need audio help to get you through those extra few minutes at the gym or on the run to shed those extra pounds, try listening to audio books! While print books can be too difficult to scan while moving about (I personally think that if you can read a book or magazine while on the bike or treadmill you are not working hard enough!), audio books let the narrator do all of the work, while you enjoy the benefits of an enthralling story and extra calorie burning!

Kettleball Training

Though simple in design, hundreds of years old and made for counterbalancing grain harvest scales, the kettlebell offers benefits to those who want to build muscle and enhance their cardiovascular
system – fast.

Often endearingly described as a cannonball with a handle, the kettlebell offers unique training benefits by engaging the entire body in exercises such as the swing and the clean-​​and-​​press, along with more than 300 other work-​​outs.

The kettlebell not only works the body’s main muscle groups, but can be very cardiovascular intensive as well, all the while enhancing dexterity and balance.

Healthy Holiday Foods

Yes, there is such thing as a healthy holiday food.  In fact, there are many!  When we think of holiday festivities, gatherings, and meals, we often think of all the succulent dishes and decadent desserts that are the central theme to these occasions.  However, with a little planning and thoughtfulness, you can actually get some nutritional gains from these foods.  Choosing wisely will help you to prevent the typical holiday weight gain while boosting your nutrient intake.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum…The VALOR Project

To have peace, prepare for war…

 In Valor there is hope…

 No person should seek violence, but as a police officer you must prepare for it. As a police officer on America’s streets there are many risks that you face. Not only shootings, stabbings, and physical attacks, but car crashes and other accidents that might occur during any tour of duty.

Research into law enforcement specific medicine is still limited but one organization that is making headway into this unique area of trauma care is The VALOR (Violence Against Law Officer Research) Project headed by Dr. Matt Sztajnkrycer, M.D., Ph.D., who serves as the Medical Director of the Rochester, Minnesota Police Department, and the Medical Director of the Rochester/​Olmstead County Emergency Response Unit. “Dr. Matt” is not only an experienced trauma physician doctor but also an experienced researcher. That combination, as well as his knowledge of law enforcement related injuries, provides the perfect combination for him to oversee his organization, The VALOR Project.

Remedy for Un-​​Happy Holidays

The holidays are challenging when you have more guests, to-​​do lists, and obligations than normal. Add to it that it is supposed to be the best time of year, and the fact that your loved ones might NOT be with you, and you have a recipe for it to feel like the worst time of year.

If you are feeling lonely, depressed, overweight, stressed and overwhelmed, perhaps Yoga could help. I turned to my Yoga Guru, Beth Shaw from YogaFit for some advice . YogaFit is the largest teacher training school in the world, and where I received my 200 hour RYT.

Beth says that Yoga practice and it’s breathing, holding poses, flowing vinyasas, mediation, imagery and focus have been proven to:

Killing Time — Fighting Through the Wringer

FORWARD OPERATING BASE DELHI, Helmand province, Afghanistan — Peering eerily through the scratched lenses of a menacing black and red mask, U.S. Navy Seaman Chris Mesnard’s wild eyes rake his corner of the makeshift combat-​​zone gym here.

The corpsman toils through a twisted concoction of conditioning exercises, forcing sweat to seep through his olive drab United States Marine Corps hoodie. With each set, his friendly disposition dissipates into an uncomfortable cycle of labored breathing, courtesy of the oxygen-​​restricting training mask enveloping his face.