Best Supplement to Increase Workout Intensity!

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One look around the gym and you can tell which of the local rats are SERIOUS about their workouts and which aren’t!

Some are truly busting their humps to transform their bodies while others are simply going through the motions trying to convince themselves that they’re really “working hard”.


I say if you’re gonna take time away from your social life to lift some iron, then why not commit to a really INTENSE training session, right?

In fact, a LOT of the best workout supplements these days focus on giving your more energy for your training.

When you have more energy,  you can lift more weight… train harder for longer… and build more muscle!

So what’s the best workout supplement to take to gain near superhero-​​like powers?

Best Workout Supplement For
Insane Strength & Endurance!

Check out the ingredients on your bodybuilding supplements that are designed to turbo-​​charge your workouts.

One of the most common ingredients added is caffeine.

It also happens to be one of the most misunderstood and some would even call it “unsafe”.

But is it?

Anyone with a “Java Jones” knows the powerful impact of caffeine for waking you up and increasing mental clarity, right?

And if you’ve been around the lifting game for a while, you also know that caffeine has become a widely used supplement in some of the expensive “name brand” workout formulas.

But most people are simply afraid of adding this supplement to their workout program because they don’t know HOW to use it.

Problem fixed…

Best Workout Supplement Strategy
For Beastly Training Intensity

First, go to your local drug store and look for their generic brand of “No-​​Doze” or “Stay Alert”.

Typically these supplements contain about 200mg of caffeine, equal to about 2.5 cups of coffee.

(Tip: Try to find a tablet that DOESN’T have a coated layer around it.)

About 15 minutes before your workout, crush one tablet between two spoons until it’s in a powder form.

Then simply sprinkle it in either a small amount of juice or coffee (if you want a bit more “buzz”).

Most people can safely use about 500mg of caffeine per day.

Of course you must see your doctor before taking on any nutritional, exercise, or supplement regimen so don’t be stupid, ok?  Even after you get a green light, start small and see how your body reacts before upping dosage.

When used wisely and safely, this little jolt of energy from your pre-​​workout caffeine will help you train HARDER and LONGER as you get totally PUMPED from the added intensity.

For an even better deal, buy powdered caffeine in bulk like I explain in my guide on
how to make your own supplements.

Creating your own supplement compounds is super easy and it’s the best workout supplement strategy EVER to get more out of your supplements and save as much as 95% off of retail prices.



  1. Jmoscone says:

    sounds good..

  2. Have you heard of the compound quercetin found in apples? There are a few studies that shows it can really help with endurance.

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