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Four Helpful Tips To Destroy Your 2-​​Mile Time

Army 2 Mile Run

The 3200m (or two-​​mile) run was my main event when I was in high school. I began running the event as a freshman running 11.30 the first time I attempted it as a 15-​​year old who knew no better.

I had no idea what I was doing. How to run, break the race up or if I was even able to finish the distance.

My brother was a shot put and discus thrower and talked me into trying out for the track and field team and 20 years later I still credit him for guiding me into the sport.

I was able to lower the time down to 9.46 with not a lot of mileage but a great deal of speed and trial and error along the way.

Reserve Soldier Wins 2012 Armed Forces Boxing Championship

Pvt. Marquis Moore, of Marlow Heights, Md., and soldier with the 978th Quartermaster Company, recently won the 165-​​pound division of the 2012 Armed Forces Boxing Championships, at Camp Pendleton, Calif., Feb. 8–10.

Moore defeated Marines Lance Cpl. Felix Magallanez after the referee stopped their contest at 2 minutes, 27 seconds of the second round

“Moore was very impressive,” said U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program and Olympic coach Basheer Abdullah. “He impressed me the most tonight. He was explosive. He demonstrated good defense. He was slipping and countering right off the defense. He was very exciting to watch. I think he has what it takes to compete at the elite level.”

The PFA is Almost Here!

Navy Physical Fitness Assessment

By MC3 Ian Cotter

Time is running out for Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) as they prepare for the spring Physical Fitness Assessment. Although the event is pre-​​planned some Sailors may still be struggling to prepare for it at the last minute.

“We conducted a survey in conjunction with the last PFA and found that out of the 253 failures, 201 of them were because of the body composition assessment,” said Lt. Douglas Santillo, Nimitz’ health promotion officer. “PFA failures have become a big problem.”

Pay Attention to What You Eat Before Workouts

Pre-Workout Food

by 1st Lt. James E. Brown IV

Walk into any sports supplement store and the shelves are lined with products meant to enhance human performance.

With a huge selection of pills, powders, packs, and more it can be hard to discern what has supportive scientific research and what will just lighten your wallet.

One area neglected by many is the pre-​​workout phase of nutrition. What you eat in the hours leading up to and immediately before the workout can have a great impact on your performance.

Prevent Injuries by Understanding Body Mechanics


by Maj. Linda Currier

If you have physical fitness test coming up, there are some critical things you should know in order to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts and prevent injuries.

Always begin workouts with dynamic stretching consisting of arm and leg movements such as arm circles or marching in place. This allows for a gradual increase in blood flow to prepare for the workout.

Don’t use long stationary or static stretches on cold muscles as doing so can cause injuries. Save static stretching for the end of the workout. By then, the muscles will have adequate blood flow to allow them to lengthen.

More Than Skin Deep: Pool Therapy Aids Recovery

Pool Therapy

By Michael Norris

After breaking an ankle or wrenching a back, getting better can be a delicate balance.

You need to take it easy, avoid pain and allow an injury to heal, but at the same time, you have to bolster supporting muscles around the injury, keeping them from deteriorating, stiffening or losing mobility. A water-​​based exercise regimen can help. It provides a workout that is gentle on muscles but rigorous enough to restore function and movement.

Resiliency App Nears 20,000 Downloads

Resiliancy App

By Cheryl Rodewig

The Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Resiliency Goals Book released last June as an iPhone/​iPad app has seen great success with more than 7,000 downloads.

Then just a month ago the same app became available to Android users and already more than 11,500 downloads have been recorded, said Sam Rhodes at the Directorate of Training and Doctrine, Fort Benning, Ga., who is responsible for app development, testing and revision.

Get OUT!


When the morning news meteorologist woke up much of America with warmer-​​than-​​average temperatures each week this winter, we heard “wake up and get out!”

If you were like much of the country and decided the thermometer reading meant less time on the treadmill and more time in your jogging gloves, you are probably in better shape for it. Thanks, Mother Nature!

If you want to continue the trend, or decided today to shape up for spring’s warm weather, here are some ideas to take your workout outside:

Video: Marines Ground Fighting

U.S. Marines and Sailors in Afghanistan with Combat Logistics Battalion 1 participated in a ground-​​fighting tournament. The tournament included four weight classes: 164 pounds and below, 165–179 pounds, 180–199 pounds and 200 pounds and above. The tournament was one of several sporting events held by CLB-​​1 to boost morale and encourage friendly competition between its companies during their seven month deployment to southern Helmand province. Produced by Cpl. Alfred Lopez.

Marines Get a Choke-​​Hold on MMA

By Pfc. Ryan Carpenter

With the growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts intertwined with the aggressive and physical nature of today’s military, it’s no surprise that the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Submission Grappling Club and Competition Team is gaining momentum.

The free club started more than two and a half years ago and is open to any active-​​duty service member — regardless of experience — aboard MCAS Miramar, or Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. Marine Corps Community Services funds the club by supplying large wrestling mats and a building to train in.

Schriever Set to Bust Dodgeball Record!

Air Force Dodgeball

by Staff Sgt. Patrice Clarke

According to the Guinness Book of World Records’ website the record for the longest dodgeball marathon was set by the Hometown Dodgeball and Albany Dodgeball teams in Albany N.Y. less than two years ago. Those two teams played dodgeball for more than 31 hours.

The Masters of Space plan on greatly surpassing that record by playing for 40 hours March 22–23 at the base fitness center here. The marathon which is also a fundraiser will benefit the Air Force Assistance Fund.

Mission Essential Fitness

Army Fitness

By Sgt. Tony Brazier

Last year, the Army started testing a new fitness program at installations in Europe. The updated exercise regime is designed to heighten the strength, power, speed and agility soldiers require to carry out their mission in today’s modern combat environment.

Winners say “I WILL”, not “I’ll TRY”!

Fitness Motivation

Spring is here, the flowers are blooming, and we are all starting to think about jumping into our summer clothes and heading to the beach.  Many of us are then hit with the sudden panic of what that means.  Have you let your healthy eating habits or workout regimen slip over the winter months?  Has your weight crept up a few pounds (or more)?  Even if the answer to these questions is no, are there goals you have set your sights on that you have yet to achieve?  Regardless of your weight or fitness level, we all have goals to strive for and accomplish.

Products That Will Help You Spring Into Shape

Spring Fitness Products

Spring NikkiFitness Faves

Products that will help you spring into shape this year. Tested by Nikki and approved for you.


http://​www​.fitmixpro​.com  — Get the workout music that fitness class instructors like me use, from the largest music site for pro fitness. Fit Mix Pro has custom mixes for fitness professionals with original artist music.  You can select your favorite genres, artists, songs, EVEN music speed, or make is slow to fast to slow as your workout builds then cools down. All the  songs blend into one another and the BPM (beats per minute) selection ranges from warm-​​up and zumba to the fastest spin cycle you can imagine! It’s like having a DJ in your headphones!  When I feel sluggish about my morning run, I throw on my fastest mix and I am done before I know it.  Price depends on length of the playlist.

Big Results Fast: New UXF Training Hits East Coast

UXF ultimate fitness

“Get in the best shape of your life. Burn calories. Build strength. Big results fast.”

This is what’s promised in the advertising of New York Sports Club’s (NYSC) UXF ultimate fitness experience. My office moved across town, and I was trying out some new classes near Rock Center in NYC, so I gave it a try… and it delivers.

I first heard of Town Sports International when I lived in Boston and was teaching class at a competitor gym. They have gyms named after the city they are in, like Boston Sports Club (BSC) and locations in Philly (PSC) and Washington, D.C. (WSC) as well, if you are ready to take your routine to a new level.

The Best Police Defensive Tactics and Combatives Program!

Which program, system, or style of law enforcement armed and unarmed combatives or defensive tactics is the best? Ask any martial arts instructor, police instructor, or military instructor, OR any student of any of the systems out there and you will receive a different answer. I will tell you which is the best at the end of this article.

There are so many who think that there is “one way”, “a way,” “their way,” that is the “ONLY way!” This is not pragmatically possible, nor is it philosophically possible. Even in mathematics there can be different methods to solve the equation (although the correct answer will be the same); mathematics is a hard physical science. Combat is not so scientific and has different “solutions” that all work. We only wish the solution was that simple that “One way” would always save our lives.

Fit for Duty: Operation Hold for Effect

Operation Hold for Effect

In this episode we are hitting the weight room and targeting the entire body. Plus, we have tips on good eating habits and information on the proper time to take protein supplements in “Train Smart Stay Strong.”

You can find all of my episodes on the the Fit for Duty channel on the Pentagon Channel which can also be downloaded on iTunes.

UFC Fighters Descend on Base

by By Jose T. Garza III

Ultimate Fighting Championship competitors descended on Joint Base San Antonio-​​Lackland Saturday to showcase their mixed martial arts and fighting skills.

UFC professional fighters Ben Rothwell and Reuben Duran demonstrated several of their fight techniques and gave some technical training students from the 37th Training Group an opportunity to grapple with them at the installation’s Combative Lab behind the Gateway Fitness Center.

More than 50 students from three of the group’s subordinate units — the 342nd, 343rd and 344th Training Squadrons — got a taste of the UFC experience before gathering to watch the UFC 144 pay-​​per-​​view event at the Skylark Community Center.

Self Defense with an Attitude

by Jose T. Garza III

A martial arts student of five years and a black belt in American Taekwondo, Jim Fiore is handing down his expertise to women attending his self defense and conditioning classes at Joint Base San Antonio-​​Lackland.

Fiore’s class features high intensity exercises, philosophy and martial arts combative training for self defense. The goal is to decrease the likelihood of being an attack victim, limit the assault and increase the possibility of survival, said Fiore, clinical research coordinator with the 59th Clinical Support Group.

2012 Armed Forces Boxing Championship

by MC2 (SW/AW) Elliott Fabrizio

Check out this full interview with the Air Force Boxing Team’s Senior Airman Adam Hassan from coverage of the 2012 Armed Forces Boxing Championship at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

This is our third year covering Armed Forces Boxing. This year, we’ll run nine hour-​​long episodes, covering each weight class, female exhibitions and consolation bouts. We’ll also feature profile packages on boxers, scoring and rules and much more. Episodes will begin releasing every Friday, starting March 9.