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Spring NikkiFitness Faves

Products that will help you spring into shape this year. Tested by Nikki and approved for you.


http://​www​.fitmixpro​.com  — Get the workout music that fitness class instructors like me use, from the largest music site for pro fitness. Fit Mix Pro has custom mixes for fitness professionals with original artist music.  You can select your favorite genres, artists, songs, EVEN music speed, or make is slow to fast to slow as your workout builds then cools down. All the  songs blend into one another and the BPM (beats per minute) selection ranges from warm-​​up and zumba to the fastest spin cycle you can imagine! It’s like having a DJ in your headphones!  When I feel sluggish about my morning run, I throw on my fastest mix and I am done before I know it.  Price depends on length of the playlist.


www​.bearnaked​.com - I like my nutrition bars, cereals and trail mixes to be natural, low in fat, and low in additives. I like to see the nuts, grains and fruit. That is why Bear Naked brand makes my palpitations Faves list. They “thoughtfully craft unique recipes by considering what each ingredient bring to the party – unlocking the natural energy you need and real nutrition, to strip away the clutter and let mother nature shine.”

There is nothing on the ingredient list that you can’t pronounce and they add lots of great ingredients like flax seeds. I especially love their Bear Naked Fit Granola, low in fat and high in goodness, protein and fiber. Try the Vanilla Almond Crunch! They are so nature-​​friendly that you can even return the bags once they are used!


Go to: www​.My24K​.com  

I gave up drinking coffee because it gave me hot flashes and heart palpatations., but I miss the focus it provides and the energy for workouts.  I would never use “4 hour energy” for fear of the same bad side effects. So when I heard about a drink that is natural and gives you sustained energy and focus, without the highs and the crashes, I tried it. They call it 24k “Healthy Energy”  You can either refrigerate it or try it room temperature. They say it has a  “tropical flavor with a bit of a spicy finish” but to me it tastes like medicine. Luckily there is not much to drink, and I don’t mind the taste because it works.  Each mini is 2 servings (1 oz per serving).  I take 1 oz mid morning and sometimes another shot before my workout.  With no caffeine or other stimulants or sugars, you won’t get any jolt or crash.  I’ve noticed my energy is sustained throughout the day and my mental clarity is sharp, with lots of energy for exercise. See website for pricing.


www​.evamor​.com - Dr. Oz’s favorite water is now on my shopping list as well — it even claims to help fight acid reflux! The western diet has become more acidic over the years as packaged and processed foods use chemicals that create more acidity in foods. Acidic foods also increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and many other illnesses.  mostr Alkaline water has a naturally high PH of 8.8. Water PH goes from acidic to neutral to alkaline, so this puts Evamor water at the other end of the spectrum, where mosts waters fall either neutral or naturally acidic.

To that end, Evamor water supports HealthCorps who, along with Dr. Mehmet Oz, spends time and money mentoring kids around the country about nutrition, diet and exercise.  One of their goals is to remove all soda from schools. A healthy lifestyle starts at youth, and I like the idea that by hydrating, I help Evamore and HelathCorps teach this in our schools… while doing something good for my own health as well.


Nikki Fitnesswww​.shopviewsport​.com and www​.viewsport​.us

I love the quote that “sweat is fat crying,” and jumped at the chance for me to see what those tears had to say. Luckilyt clothes are “Motivation as Perspiration” because when you sweat, a message is created on the back of your shirt, like “I am the competition” or “follow me.” Granted, I don’t sweat as much during a workout as a lot of my friends do, so I didn’t get the whole message when I ran 4 miles in 84 degree heat on a beach in Mexico, but maybe you can get the message. If you want to give it a try, I recommend the “beast mode” shirt because of its military color. $25.00


G-Form Padswww​.​g​-form​.com Price: $39.99

G-​​Form elbow, shin and knee pads make you look as fierce as your workout! They offer the “first flexible, molded impact pad designed specifically to flex with your joints and become rigid upon impact.” The Reactive Protection Technology™ provides a flexible fit while still guaranteeing the ultimate impact absorption. I love that they make you look like a superhero, in yellow or black. If your workout is extreme enough to need body armor, you must be doing something right.


www​.tomuno​.com - I recently had to get a new yoga mat, because my beloved purple and white flowered friend was worn out and getting dirty after years of support. Luckilly, I discovered an eco-​​friendly yoga mat company called Tomuno. These this, solid-​​colored mats are sold in places like Sports Club/​LA and leading yoga studios around the country. Best of all, they are  ‘green.’  I like the idea of switching from plastic yoga mats to natural rubber (the rubber is harvested from actual rubber trees). Best of all, the grip is fantastic and help my warrior poses strong! Tell them Nikki sent you. $69.00


The “ultimate body applicator that wraps your way to a better body” has come to my attention as a way to tighten your shin after having a baby, or losing weight. It’s called “It Works” and I have seen people who try it get good results when belly and thigh skin was loose and droopy. If you’ve worked hard to lose weight but feel like your skin isn’t shaping up like it should, you might want to try these wraps made with natural ingredients like seaweed, ivy, green tea rosemary and B5 to name a few.  Visit www​.closetomagic​.com 

Nikki Fitness

Fitness – fit it in to listen, fuel, tighten, energize, hydrate, stretch, protect and inspire! — Nikki



  1. We love the 24K product too. You need a code to order from the web site listed above. Use \‘24KYoung\’ to save 10% immediately. 24K also is less expensive than 5 hour energy.

    Our workouts are more intense and we have the stamina to finish strong even when doing 30 minute high intensity interval training. Last summer I decided at the last minute to run a 5K race. With no training for the run I was worried about finishing well, but I downed a full 2 shot bottle before starting and didn\‘t stop until the finish line! Whenever exercise without 24K now.

  2. Marty Young says:

    Oops, correction… http://​www​.my24kvip​.com
    Use code 24kyoung

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