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Teen Seeks Military Advice — Gets More Than He Bargained For

Stew Smith Navy Seal

Here is an email from a young teenager who wants to become a Navy SEAL.  I do not want to be the old guy telling the younger generation that they have a lot to learn, but in this case, let me give you some advice THEN I will answer your questions.

He types: “hi i want to be a navy seal when im older by any chance can i come right out of highschool i dreamed and dreamed about being a navy seal for years im 14 ive been reading working hard and in school and learining more and more about the naavy seal and i have a couple more questions like wheres a reqruter for me to sighn up when older and how do get in the navy seal in thwe first place message me back please”

How to Make a “Gas Mask” in a Riot

In a collapse of civil order, a riot can break out in any number of scenarios…

  • A Natural disaster that causes food shortages
  • Political unrest that triggers protests
  • Desperate revolt at food/​water distribution points
  • Looting during a civil breakdown
  • Etc.

Of course you can try to avoid these types of scenarios, but the reality is, you may find yourself thrust into any one of them in the strange, uncertain times we’re currently facing and be forced to know how to survive a collapse.

Moves That Make You Taller!

Exercises to Improve Posture

Want to look more fit, slimmer, and more confident?

Often we have muscle imbalances from doing push-​​ups and not adding enough upper back weighted moves. Combine that with sitting over a computer, steering wheel, desk and holding babies, and we all start to hunch over.

You can still fight the rounded shoulders, slouch and crouch and grow a few inches. Re-​​allign your shoulders by watching my recent segment from Fox and Friends to see strength moves like upper back flies, rows and wheel push-​​ups from my Slimnastics Workout Book and DVD. Then finish with stretches for the chest like the wall twist, the bow, and then relax in supported supine heart opener.

Top 10 Things to Know Prior to Army Special Forces Training

Army Special Forces Training

Getting ready for Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS), the first step to attending the Special Forces Qualification Course, requires commitment and a near life time of preparation. I recently spoke to a Special Forces operator and we discussed the top ten things a SF candidate needs to know before they take the SFAS challenge.   He spoke of many different elements you should focus on during your training preparation.  Here is the Top Ten List:

Martial Arts from around the Globe: The Vikings’ Method of Combat

Glima: The Vikings’ Forgotten Art

Everyone has heard of the Vikings but who has heard of Glima?

Glima is an ancient form of unarmed Viking wrestling that was a very effective form of combat in the 8th through 11th centuries. Vikings used all sorts of weaponry such as swords, axes, knives, and other items but they also had a structured form of unarmed combatives. The word “Glima” means “A Flash,” and it is also an Old Norse expression meaning “To Fight.” Currently, Glima is still practiced, most commonly in Iceland, in spite of its larger origins throughout old Scandinavia.

Military to Civilian Fitness Training Jobs

Stew Smith Fitness Trainer

Here is an email from a soldier who is considering getting out of the military and going to college but as a part or full time job wants to get involved with fitness training.  This is a little different from typical workout requests but recently, I have been receiving questions from veterans seeking to get into the fitness business.

Other Military​.com trainers /​ writers help me out with this one and offer some suggestions from your experiences.  Here is his question and my story of transition below:

Flip Your Workout on its Head — Part 3

  • July 12, 2012
  • Military Workouts
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Workout on Your Head

You read last week about how to do the Forearm Stand and the “L” Stand, and you’re already standing taller and stronger after trying them! Here are the final two moves of the blog series for better posture and upper back muscles. Want more? Check out my Slimnastics Workout book (Amazon).

Don’t Get Confused by the SEAL /​ SWCC Draft

Navy SEAL / SWCC Fitness

A new system used by Naval Special Warfare has been helping to screen recruits before they get to SEAL or SWCC training. It is called the Spec War Draft. Please do not get this confused with Vietnam era draft. It is more like the NFL draft process and the PST is now considered the Spec War version of the combine. See email from a young man confused by the terms being used:

“About the Navy SEAL draft — I don’t see how this would make sense. This is strictly an all volunteer group in the Navy. Plus, if there would be a draft for SEAL candidates, that would just mean more guys quitting, wasting more tax payers money. The reason that SEALs are not mass produced is because SEALs cannot be mass produced. This just seems completely ludacris. ”

Daily Motivation Builds Mental Toughness for Life

Military Fitness Training

No matter which branch of service or local /​ federal law enforcement agency you select as a profession you need to be motivated and prepared on many levels. People who need to be motivated typically may crumble when in training. It is the self motivated who rise to the occasion when the days get long, and the nights get cold and wet.

The most important ability to have when serving your country or community is self motivation. To be honest with self motivation and determination, you can graduate any program and not be the fastest runner or swimmer, or the strongest and best athlete. However, if you do not have a foundation of fitness, even the most motivated can fail due to physical injury.

Upside Down Moves for Strength and Posture — Part 2


Turn Your Routine on It’s Head! — Part 2

Summer Olympics always inspire me to work harder, better, faster and stronger… and to switch up my routine. If you are looking for a new way to challenge yourself and those you train,  why not add some gymnastics moves to your workout?

Last week I showed you the first of four moves that turn your routine on it’s head, from my “The Slimnastics Workout” book and DVD, to get you holding your own weight, strengthening your upper back and arms, and improving your posture.  Below, I describe the second move, the L stand.

10 Tips to Beat the Heat Head-​​on

Beat the Heat

I could not believe this was happening! I had all of the classic symptoms of heat exhaustion—muscle cramps, nausea, weakness, headache, dizziness and confusion. Worst of all, I had decided to hike this unrelenting trail alone.

It was a beautiful summer Saturday in Northern California, just north of San Francisco. I decided to hit the trails in Muir Woods to get a good workout. Instead of inviting friends, as I usually would have, I grabbed a water bottle and set out alone to trail run for six miles.

I normally try to beat the heat by working out before sunrise, but this time I slept in and thought I would be OK to trek at midday. I felt great after the first three miles, so I decided to change routes and triple my total distance. I thought to myself, “At this rate, I will be back in no time.” Boy, was I wrong.