So Whatʼs with the Magic Beans?

Soy Beans

Did you ever read Jack and the Beanstalk as a kid? Remember when he traded his cow for a handful of “magic beans?” We all may recall the message of courage and bravery as Jack climbs the beanstalk, finds golden treasures, defeats the giant and becomes the town hero living happily ever after. I like to think that Jack was really onto something trading cowʼs milk for something much richer in protein and nutrients in those magic beans. Am I stretching the fable a bit? Maybe so, but indulge me if you will in a little creative interpretation!

So many of us fitness buffs and athletes turn to whey protein when we should be looking at natureʼs most magic bean of all, the soybean. Beyond the basics of boosting our protein intake, soy has a plethora of benefits and some exciting new cutting edge clinical research to boot!

There is some really exciting research into the benefits of what many food scientists believe are true magic beans in the soy bean. Now, soybeans caught a bad wrap several years ago with a widely discredited claim that the soybean was somehow dangerous to our health. Quite the contrary. The soybean itself in itʼs natural and bioavailable state is a powerhouse of nutrients, bio-​​available protein, fiber and an incredible plant peptide in the soybean called Lunasin.

Itʼs here where our fabled magic beans turn into golden treasures for our health. Scientists have known for years about the benefits of soy from heart health to weight loss. Now, with the discovery of Lunasin (Lunasin was first discovered in 1996 by Dr. Alfredo Galvez during his research to improve the nutritional profile of soy protein at UC Berkeley), we can harness those specific benefits and bring them into a bioavailable form called LunaRichTM with more than 5–10 times the lunasin found in ordinary soy powers.

What Does LunaRich do?

Luna RichOffers Better Bioavailability:

In order to be absorbed and utilized by the body most effectively, a nutrient ” must be bioavailable. That means liquid over solid (shakes vs pills) and a ” delivery system that allows
the nutrients to be broken down efficiently for maximum absorption. LunaRichTM allows the lunasin to be absorbed in the small intestine instead of being destroyed in the stomach.

Promotes Healthier Cells:

  • Nourishes at the cellular level with the proper nutritional fuel
    that promotes proper cell function.
  • Protects by reducing inflammation and cell damage from free
    radicals & damaging environmental factors
  • Prevents further cellular damage by encouraging healthy cell
  • Maintains our health by helping to remove damaged cells (a potential cause of chronic
    health problems) from the body

Key to Cholesterol Management:

The liver is responsible for over 80% of cholesterol production. LunaRichTM helps lower cholesterol by disrupting cholesterol production in the liver and helps the liverʼs ability to clear LDL from the bloodstream.

Like the golden egg laying goose Jack found in the giantʼs castle, we have a treasure trove of performance nutritional products (Glucaffect®, Soysentials®, Reliv NOW®, Reliv NOW® for Kids) with an array of health benefits including this powerful nutrient, LunaRichTM .

Bottom Line:

So, if I may torture a metaphor or two “Take the Beanstalk” towards better health “Slay the Giant” of lowering your cholesterol and “Live Well Ever After” starting today with LunaRich™!

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