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Football Season – More TD’s, Less LB’s!

Football Munchies

Football season is underway and fall is here! Many of us look forward to this all year. Finally, we can throw on a pair of jeans, a jersey, and some sneaks while kicking back with some friends, some wings, and a few cold ones. However, football season can be DANGEROUS for your waistline – and can undo any healthy habits that you have worked so hard to achieve! Don’t become a victim to the NFL Belly Bulge!

Here are some tips that are EASY to follow:

Tea Time

Golfing Buckley AFB Colorado

Yesterday I took my second golf lesson.  My plan is to squeeze in as much golf as I can before the weather changes.  What are you doing to prepare for the season change?  Even if you’re in a warmer climate, my guess is that you still do some prep work for the fall and winter months.  Have you also noticed that you start craving different foods from summer to fall?  More comfort foods perhaps like chili, stews, roasted veggies, and apple pie?  Do you switch from cold drinks to hot beverages like cider and tea?  If so, you are on to something really big for your health.

Trainer’s Orders: Eat This Ice Cream After You Work Out!

Ice Cream

I don’t cook, let alone bake, and have never posted a recipe before. I also believe that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Not in this case!

Not only is this “ice cream” made from one natural ingredient, it helps you recover from a workout. I actually recommend it to my personal training clients and eat it myself!

My mother found this article after a cancer scare in my family. My parents became vegan to try to eat a diet that might help prevent a recurrence. She found the recipe at Food52​.com The website explains, “It’s one ingredient. It’s creamy. It’s frosty. It’s vegan. It’s raw. It’s ice cream? It’s bananas!

Weight Gain Needed Before Spec Ops Training?

SpecOps Training

The questions of how to gain weight and do I need to lift weights are often thrown around by Spec Ops candidates preparing for the upcoming year or more long training pipeline.  There are many avenues to get the results you seek.  I will recommend a few but our military /​ spec ops audience may have some more ideas to pass around in the comments section below.  Here is the question:

I’m a freshmen in college and plan on joining the Navy to go for the SEALS afterwards.  My PT scores are pretty good and I’m working on getting them better, but my real question is do I need to gain more weight and muscle.  I only weight 141 lbs and am 5’11″.  I know you say weight lifting is not needed to prepare, though I feel like I do need to gain more weight by lifting and taking massive amounts of protein. Also, your opinion on Creatine would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

For Women Only…Maybe

2012 London Olympics

Monday Night Football.  Uhgg!  Last night after seeing my beloved Packers suffer a loss after a very controversial call by substitute refs on the last play of the game, I decided it was time to get off the football bandwagon and onto more delicate matters.  I know there are many women out there who are football fanatics, sports enthusiasts, athletes, executives, busy moms, and governmental leaders, who are as competitive and driven as their male counterparts and sometimes even more so.  Fortunately we live in a society where women do have more opportunities than ever before to compete and excel.

Women, we are complex on so many levels, aren’t we?  It’s no wonder we struggle not only with our work/​life balance but also with our hormones on a daily basis.  While I may not be able to crack the code completely in one blog (sorry guys), perhaps a few simple changes can lead to hormonal harmony.

The Big Ten

The Big Ten

Do you have a chore at home that’s designated as your job?  Maybe you and your spouse divide things up like taking out the garbage, cleaning the kitchen, etc.  In our house, my husband, Mark, and I are both pretty handy and enjoy doing our own home improvement projects.  I must admit that my favorite weekends include a hammer in my hand and a trip or two to the hardware store.  Over the years we’ve learned to work well together and have figured out which areas each of us excels. Mark’s much better at electrical and I’m okay being the designated painter.  So I have no one to blame but myself for the fact that our garage is painted scarlet and grey…you guessed it…I married a Buckeye!  Fortunately, I’m also the writer in the family so my big ten focus is a slightly different powerhouse, the mighty CoQ10.  You are not going to believe what this coenzyme can do for you!

Watch Football, Get a Workout

Fantasy Football Workout

Watch Football, Get a workout, and help your marriage!

Fall brings football Sundays—and wipes out all the couple time you had during the summer. Add the ever-​​increasing popularity of fantasy football leagues (my husband is in three), and setting up rosters takes up the morning, while the games go all afternoon and night. But don’t fret, there is a way to get your man to pay attention to you (or guys — to keep your wife happy): Work out together!

Water Up for Weight Loss

Army soldier drinking water

My office is above the garage at our house.  We built it so that it was an easy commute from home to work. We also built it without distractions — no television, no radio, no food or drink.  Our only exceptions are our water bottles.  I know, I know, you’ve heard it a million times, “Drink more water.”  You know its good for you: water is essential to life, literally.  Ever try driving your car without gas?  Why are you trying to lose weight without water?

Confused on Mixing Pullups /​ Pushups into Program

Pullup Bars

Here is a very commonly asked question about adding calisthenics like pushups, dips, and pullups into a standard weight training program.  The answer is that is can be done but it is not recommended one of the ways it is asked in this question:

“Stew, I am a little confused about adding pullups and pushups into my weight training program.  I mean should I mix them into the days I do upperbody like bench press and pulldowns or should I do them on separate days in between?”

Active Duty — Weight Loss but Not a Beginner in Fitness

Group Abs Workout

Here is a common email from a Naval Officer who injured his back, gained weight, now trying to mix in workouts to lose weight, stay in shape, without injuring himself BUT not too easy of a workout either.  It is a tough balance but can be done with a healthy mix of food /​ water intake, core exercises, and a mix of weights and PT ideas.  Here is his question:

Mr. Smith,

I’m an active duty Navy with almost 10 years service looking for some fitness advice. About six years ago I suffered a back injury (herniated disc in my lower back) and can’t run like I used to. My PFA scores aren’t bad, but not great either. I swim the cardio portion in about 8:15, but my push-​​ups and sit-​​ups are slowly declining due to my weight gain. I score between a good and excellent on my PFA. But my main goal is to drop about 20 pounds and lose my gut before I pin on LCDR next summer. I am 6’2″ and weigh 220 lbs, and turn 38 in a few months.

Can You Stand the Burn?

Army military policeman standing guard

“Sit Down! Sit Still!  Be Quiet!”  As kids, we all experienced more than a few of those commands from our parents.  Remember how we just couldn’t keep still?  We always had to be doing something whether it was running around the yard, fidgeting in our seats at school counting the seconds until recess or jumping on our beds refusing to go to sleep.  Somewhere along the way we must have bought into our parents’ mantra to sit down as we’ve become a decidedly sedentary society.  From computer screens to cell phones to remote controls, we don’t have to get up for anything.

Road Racing in Afghanistan — What is Truly Important

Road Racing in Afghanistan

It has been a long time since I have posted here at’s ‘Daily PT’.

I have been deployed to Afghanistan for the past 4 months and am en route home (currently in Manas, Krysgstan).

I wrote my new post, Racing in Afganistan –A Humbling Experience while here thinking over the 5K I ran in while at Bagram Air Base in Bagram, Afghanistan a few days ago.

My posts on my website are usually educational and ‘how to’s but wanted to share with you all my thoughts more in a diary style. I hope some of you can take something from it.

Combating the Couch Potato

Football Season

I used to think that there were four seasons in a year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Then I moved to Maine and found out there are actually only three: Winter, Mud and Construction!  Okay, so I may be exaggerating a bit.  Actually, autumn in Maine is pretty awesome and it is my favorite time of year.  Clear blue skies, a crisp chill in the air and vibrant color everywhere as we all live to leaf peep.  For some of you, though, autumn ushers in the most important season of all: Football!  From here through February, if your four food groups become football, the remote control, potato chips and the couch we need to talk, at least during half-​​time.

Five Tricks to Fit in Fall Fitness


Summer vacations are now computer screen savers and your wall calendar lists meetings, kids’ practices and weekend chores rather than vacation destinations. If the weather and weeks ahead feel harsh, one thing will get easier, your workouts!

Back in May, we thought the warm weather and free time meant getting in great shape during the summer. However, for some of us, the 80s turn to 90s, and free time means putting off our fitness routines until later in the day, then skipping them altogether. Family and friends stopping by, reunions,  barbeques, weddings, day trips and beach vacations sometimes stop our sweat sessions in their tracks.

Fall breezes and busy routines CAN be your workout buddies.

What Are Some Group PT Ideas — Advanced Level?

PT Pyramid

Here is a commonly asked email from military members who are placed in charge of their command’s group PT program, but this one is a request for more advanced workouts for his hardcore group at his command.  See his request:

Stew, Thanks for your numerous articles /​ books as I have used them since I was a civilian several years ago.  Now, I am placed in a position to spice up our Command PT and we have many advanced level athletes who spend much of their free time at the gym, running races, or preparing for their future Spec Ops careers.  Any recommendations for tougher than average workouts we can do as a group?

Fall Back into Healthy Habits

Fall Fitness

Although it is still technically summer, fall is unofficially here since it is back to school and back to work time.  Vacation mode is off, real life is back on!  Hopefully, many of you spent a lot of your time this summer outdoors doing things like walking, hiking, biking, swimming, and grilling fabulously healthy foods.  Although we start the summer with the best of intentions, sometimes our healthy habits slip away when we start partaking in weddings, parties, BBQ’s, and travels.

Here are some tips to get you back on the road to health and fitness:

Excited about Epigenomics…What??


Ok, so you probably read this title and asked the same question I did, “Epi..geno…What?”  Since I refuse to be intimidated by big words, I was intrigued enough to learn more and I hope you will too because what you’re going to learn about your DNA and your health will knock your socks off!

At its core, there are three essential components to health and disease: your genes, your behavior and your environment.  Intuitively you know that you can change your behavior with regard to eating better and exercising to improve your health.  And maybe you can improve your environment by eliminating chemicals in your home, reducing stress, and even moving to a healthier climate.  But, your genes?  There’s no way you can change your genes, right?  Your DNA is the hand you were dealt at birth and that’s the only hand you’re going to get.  There is no reshuffling the deck and you can’t swap out your cards.  Aces or jokers, you’re all in.  Enter your personal game-​​changer,  Epigenomics. 

How Sweet it Is…Or Isn’t!

Table sugar

You know that person who drives you crazy at the grocery store — they stand in the aisles turning over every jar, package & bag to check the ingredient label?  Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’m guilty of grocery obstructionism, getting in the way of you and the timely completion of your grocery list.  I am that dreaded label reader.  How many carbs?  How much protein and fiber?  What kind of sugars are listed and how many are there?  I just can’t help myself, I’ve got to know!

Martial Arts Books: Fact or Fiction?

This story might be a work of Fiction but this author, and his impressive background, are Fact!

I happen to be an avid reader of martial arts and combat related books. I enjoy both technical books containing information of how to perform certain techniques but I also enjoy martial arts and related novels and books of fictional stories and characters. I especially enjoy those books that describe police or law enforcement officers who are involved in stories where martial arts play a strong role in the theme and storyline.