Can a Model Handle Navy SEAL Training?

Navy Seal Fitness

Lauren prepares to take on her toughest challenge yet — training with former Navy SEALs at Extreme SEAL Experience in Chesapeake, VA. No woman has ever completed this training — will Lauren be the first? Find out in this three-​​part episode, launching on October 31.

Join fitness model Lauren Berlingeri as she takes on a crazy new challenge each week. Whether training with the FDNY, tossing axes with STIHL Timbersports legends, or bounding through parkour routines, our fearless host manages to land on her feet with a smile (well, most of the time!).

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  1. mphseason says:

    *** ??? I am going to trust a model to go in to a high stress, high technical skills situation ??? What the **** is the Pentagon/​Navy thinking ??? Lets dumb down the Navy Seal teams ????? What do you think they would do with a woman they would capture in a deployment ???Unless you plan on training her on handling multible rapes (that they would do to her)… Make her cry and send her home…Ex-Navy Wave

    • poolee USMC says:

      i dont why you are so mad about this video?? doesnt make sense, she\‘s obviously not enlisted or joining the seals, i love how you think she\‘s going to be deployed to a squad. no way , she\‘s there because of the strings she had pull to be able to WORK OUT with them, not JOIN THEM. you obviusly dont have any expierence with the miiltary or even being in the military. please think befor your actions.

    • William Aldoed says:

      mphseason, I think this stunt by Lauren is being done solely to see if she can prove something to herself, I doubt seriously the Navy will in any way \“Dumb down\” a Seal\‘s training. She is not, to the best of my knowledge, in the military, so she will not be deployed with a Seal team.

    • Maria says:

      You seem more frustrated about women in the SEALS than the point of the video. And so what if a woman actually made it into the US SEALS ? That would be amazing! If a woman can complete SEALS training, she should be let in — obviously. I honestly do not know the rules concerning the US SEAL (I\‘m from Denmark), but here anyone can get into the special forces if they can complete the training (there is still no women in the danish \“SEALS\”), but we have women flying F-​​16.

  2. Matt Ault says:


    This is for fun, not to enroll her into the SEALS, come on man. Think about it.

    • anonymous says:

      the training she is going through isnt part of the navy or even funded by the navy or military, the program is run by an ex navy SEAL, the program is not for recruitment it is just for people who want to challenge them selves

      • Earl says:

        I agree, read the article! It says former Navy Seals, training in a Real Navy Seals experience. C\‘mon, Navy seals are trained by active duty Seals, in San Diego (Coronado), not Chesapeake Bay, VA. Read the damn article. I watched her go through the training for the FDNY, and shes not going to be a fireman either. Freekin morons.

  3. Sandra says:

    Please! She should not be doing this unless she is in the Navy! The military is NOT a game, it is not a reality show! If she really wants to prove she can be a Navy Seal, then she should enlist.

    • Earl says:

      This is something anyone can do, you don\‘t have to be in the Navy. It is a commercial enterprise, a business, that fitness nuts can partake in, without joining the Navy. It is like learning how to fly, without joining the Air Force. It is ran by some FORMER Navy Seals, ( they have nothing to do with the Navy anymore), they are out of the service, and decided to start a business, so men and women can test their physical abilities at a facility, not liked in any way to the government. This is America, you can do anything you want, legally. If she wants to do this, so what. I think it lets civilians know, just a little taste of what Seals go through in their training. Seals BUD training is just the first part of training, just to see if they can start training to be a Seal and that is 16 weeks long. If they make it through that, the whole next year is the when the real training occurs. What she experienced is no where close to being an actual Seal. It\‘s just a business, nothing more. You probably wouldn\‘t have heard about it, except that she is a fitness fashion model that has that gene in her brain to be challenged physically. I am a former Navy Seal and I have no problem with it.

    • William Hyer says:

      Take your own advice Sandra. Stop being an armchair analyst and get some mud in your *********. Then you can pass judgement on others.

      –Navy veteran, Submarine Service
      (Protecting your right to free speech; not your right to be stupid and hurt national morale.)

  4. John D says:

    This is like saying paint ball shoots is real combat. A \“boot camp\” you pay for and SEALS run it, A watered down version of BUDS, fun for a weekend but definitly NOT SEAL training!

  5. J says:

    This is NOT Navy SEAL Training, NOT BUD/​S and is NOT sponsored by the Navy. It is a camp put on by a former SEAL called Extreme SEAL Experience where people pay over a thousand dollars to get a very small taste of what SEALs get to do. The Navy would never sponsor this and by no means does the camp come even close to the difficulty of BUD/​S. The media of course calls it SEAL training, but really its just a fun camp that puts you through some tough PT and then lets you shoot and blow stuff up. Don\‘t let the media fool you, do your homework.

  6. Justin Casas-Cordero says:

    Listen im not a SEAL but i plan on becoming one when i enlist because this has been a career path i have been dreaming and praying for awhile on. And i couldent agree more with what you guys say.THERE WILL BE NO WOMEN ON THIS PLANET THAT WILL PASS AS A COMMANDO FOR SO MANY REASONS!!!!!!My father was an ex-​​Chilean commado and would have said the same things you guys would have said.WOMEN ARE NOT BULIT FOR THIS KIND OF WORK!!!!!! If she makes it through this tiny taste of what seals is like that dosent mean she can go do the real thing.This is not G.I Jane Folks.This is mans work not womens work.AND I THINK WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE IN COMBAT JOBS IN THE MILITARY FOR ALOT OF REASONS.

    • cadel says:

      Name a few I would like to know why?

    • stephen statler says:

      Did your father work for Pinochet?

    • J says:

      the guys that have been dreaming of it their whole life, are the first ones to quit. No instructor gives two ***** who you father was or what he did. Part of being a warrior is being humble and respectful. However, I do agree that this training, the real ****. I\‘ve seen guys in the best shape get broken in training. fractured femurs just from running so much. broken backs, feet. this **** is hard. sure i agree with you that women will never be SEALs, the day they can is the day i get out. but there are a lot of MEN, not boys that play SOCOM and COD4. MEN! that cant make it. Now if you are serious about this, shoot me an email, and ill give you all the advice i can. for now though, get off the computer and PT. ****************@*****.***

  7. A says:

    You should probably enlist and get through training on your own before you start popping off about who can and cannot do certain things.

  8. JE says:

    @Justin Casas-​​Cordero

    You sound like a middle or high school kid, so I\‘ll lay it on easy. I\‘ve met some ****** women. There have been a few decent arguments for women not being in certain spec ops positions for health reasons, but I could give you a list of women that train at such a high level they could make you cry without breaking a sweat.

  9. Michael says:

    I thought Demi Moore in \“GI Jane\” , directed by Ridley Scott ended this. Yes, there are women firefighters, police officers, gunship/​fighter pilots and CHIP officers in Calif. In the last few years women have become forest service smokejumpers based in Missoula, MT. But intense, chaotic combat is not the same as the above.

  10. Jeremy says:

    If a sailor can handle the training my bet is the model can handle it.

  11. Thor says:

    To be successful in BUDS, is not necessarily a statement of physical ability, but, of what you can convince your body to do. The endurance is akin to religious belief that, provided that your body-​​machine can function, your body-​​machine will do what you make it do. It is a matter of will, not might.

  12. EARTHMAN1 says:

    C\‘mon. Every American boy and girl should go through extensive SEAL training.

    They\‘re going to need that training to fight the millions of Muslims invading our country intent in conquering, enslaving and murdering all Americans who refuse to surrender to the insanity of Islam.

  13. Rosalee says:

    Why not? DUFUS seems to be the SOP now for so much of what the military is doing.….….…..
    And now that we know all there is to know about the SEALS
    why not add this new and innovative deail to it??
    ((rolls eyes))))

  14. Dewey Kerr says:

    She could get in My Foxhole anytime..

  15. Jim says:

    Lame…what\‘s the point? Awaste of time and energy that could be spent where it is real;ly needed. This ain\‘t \“Keepin\’ up with the Kardashians\”!!!

  16. Vito M DAiuto says:

    As a former HM 1 FMFPAC corpsman who was also
    Qualified as a rescue swimmer

    May I simply say guys it\‘s all in fun

    And if this upsets you better. Check the insecurity factor !!!!

  17. Vito M DAiuto says:

    As a former HM 1 FMFPAC corpsman who was also
    Qualified as a rescue swimmer

    May I simply say guys it\‘s all in fun

    And if this upsets you better. Check the insecurity factor !!!!

  18. Aaron says:

    If anyone who paid any attention they would know for a fact that US law states that only males can be in the US Navy SEALs. Plus, read the bloody article, its a program ran by FORMER Navy seals in VA, not the actual place that SEALs are trained. Its used to show civilians what the training is like on a CIVILIAN level. Like a civilian needs to know EXACTLY what the SEALs do during their training? This is her, being a model for FITNESS, to undertake a probably personal challenge to complete this. So please, all you *** hurt veterans who say that she should serve, lay off. If women can get into any other branches of the military, who is to say they can\‘t do special forces also?

  19. Chales says:

    Interesting that this has caused so much chatter. This really has nothing to do with the USNAVY SEALS. It\‘s just about some female fitness guru that\‘s out to prove something to herself. She spent 1 24 hour period doing A SELECT FEW THINGS on would expect to do in BUDS. This equates to less than a teardrop of what is required physically for sure but mentally of all. Yes I believe she is physically strong and mentally fit but simply the way she proceeds shows that not only would she never survive the 1st phase, SHE KNOWS IT! It\‘s all a show. Her tactics alone prove convincingly that she could never be a true warrior! I never served with a team member that said look at me, see what I can do! I beat you! That is not a team member or a warrior I could ever respect.

  20. VIC says:


  21. ray says:

    Good luck but I don’t see it happening.

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