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A few years ago we had the unique opportunity to spend a week doing some pretty extreme sports from whitewater rafting down huge Class 4 & 5 rapids to scaling a 110-​​ft cliff.  The theme of the trip was “No Limits” and since the whole experience was recorded for a video montage, the pressure was on to perform at our peak.   Considering I’ve never been one for heights or speed, this adventure certainly tested my limits.  My takeaway was that I could push myself beyond those limits, face my fears, and accomplish anything I set my mind and my body to achieve.  So my question for you is, “What if you had no limits?”


Just yesterday a man in a high tech suit jumped out of a small capsule at 24 miles above the earth and broke the sound barrier as his body rocketed through the stratosphere at over 800 miles per hour.  In the hype leading up to the event, I honestly thought it was a waste of time — risking your life for a stunt.  Then I realized, why not  test our own limits?   Sixty-​​Five years ago on the same day, U.S. Test Pilot Chuck Yeager became the first man to break the sound barrier in an aircraft.  The scientific discoveries that are born from such adventurers have lead us to the moon, Mars and beyond our galaxy.  While your ambitions may not lead you to hurl yourself through space where will they lead you?  What are the limits in your life right now and how can you break through your own personal barriers?


Occasionally, even the best technology experiences a glitch or two.  I’ve been on the phone more that once with tech departments for my computer, my smart phone and even my cable television.  Each time, through all of the diagnostics, it always seems to come down to something as simple as hitting the reset button.  Maybe the same is true for the rest of us.  As we enter into the last quarter of this year, have you hit the reset button on your goals?  If not, now is a great time to review where you are, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.  Here’s a list of one good thing you can do each week from now until the end of the year to reset yourself.

  • Health — Focus on one meal per week and make positive changes/​additions. Build a better breakfast by putting down the donut and coffee and replacing them with a couple of hard boiled eggs and a fruit smoothie.  Replace afternoon munchies with a crisp, fresh sliced apple and a cheese stick.  Forgo dessert for a cup of hot tea and a small handful of roasted almonds.
  • Fitness -  try a slow motion weight-​​lifting routine to push your muscles past their limits. Using a weight heavier than you use for normal reps, lift on a ten count and release on a five count for 3–5 reps.  Your goal is to get to muscle failure in each set.  For cardio, try some fartleks, which means speed play.  Its a way of increasing the pace of your workout for better, faster results by alternating periods of high and low intensity running a/​o walking.
  • Career — If no one told you what you should be doing, what would you be doing?  Would you be in the career or job or vocation you’re in now or would you be doing something totally different?  Take some time in the coming weeks to determine what you’re good at and if you can incorporate those skills into your current job.  If not, maybe it’s time to develop a “Plan B.”  Consider additional education or turning a hobby into a part-​​time business.
  • Hobbies — what do you love to do but haven’t done yet?  Are you a closet photographer?  Do you write?  Do you love to coach or volunteer at your church or in your community?  Do this: turn an hour of television each evening into your favorite hobby time.   By the end of the week, you’ll have banked 5 hours of pleasurable activity.


My mom & dad always found ways to tell me how much they loved me over the years with little notes on my pillow, in my school books or in my lunch bag.  It was a fun little adventure for them to hide the notes and, somehow, I always seemed to find them at the exact moment I needed a lift up, an encouragement or a simple reminder that I was loved no matter what else was going on in my life.  When I graduated from college and was off to my first job, my mom snuck a note into my jacket pocket.  On the plane, I found the note and have kept it ever since.  It said, “Ha, ha Chris, Take control of your life — you can do it now! Love, Mom & Dad.”  Although there have been times when I’ve felt out of control, I know that I’m the only one who can live my life to its fullest potential.

I encourage you to relive your life by your own terms.  Take on new challenges and new experiences by removing the limits you’ve set for yourself.  And be sure to let me know where your adventures take you!

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