Tactical Firearms Training: Airsoft for Close Quarters Combat

Close quarters combat is essential for effective firearms training, but there are always dangers involved. Accidents can happen when you are using firearms in close proximity to inexperienced users. The solution in most cases is to use airsoft guns rather than standard firearms.

What are Airsoft Guns?

Training with an airsoft gun is the best way to simulate firearms training with real weapons, since these guns are one-​​to-​​one replicas of real guns. They give new users the feel of holding and firing a real weapon, but they shoot plastic pellets at low velocity rather than shooting real bullets. As long as the eyes are protected, there is no danger when firing directly at one another in close combat situations with airsoft guns in play.

Why Use Airsoft?

Airsoft guns are in hot demand by those conducting official firearms training as well as by criminals who would like to use them for foul play. These guns are designed to look and feel just like the real guns they imitate, and some are designed so well you really cannot tell the difference until the gun is fired. Others may have slight differences over the real guns, but they are still very close replicas.

Bringing Reality to Firearms Training

The problem with firearms training is the difficulty of setting up realistic firing situations without putting anyone in danger of being shot with real bullets. Learning to aim by firing at a target does not even come close to what a student learns through real-​​life scenarios that require them to fire on the spot to save their lives or the lives of someone else. The only way you can allow students to conduct this type of realistic firearms training with real people in the equation is with the use of airsoft technology.

More Affordable Airsoft Firearms Training

Firearms training can be extremely expensive when you are using live rounds. When you compare the cost of bullets to the cost of airsoft pellets, you will see how you could save thousands of dollars just by using airsoft guns over real guns in many training sessions.

The only way to safely allow firearms students to shoot in stressful situations is with the use of airsoft guns. In order to ensure they are ready for real world combat when needed, you have to set up realistic scenarios where they are forced to think on the spot and make a decision. This is simply not safe when using live ammunition. The use of airsoft technology allows you to place students in these stressful situations to improve their decision making abilities without putting lives in danger. Since the pellets for these guns are far cheaper than the cost of live ammunition, the cost is just another incentive to use this technology for your tactical firearms training.

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  1. Cody M. says:

    if the Army used simunition wouldn’t that train the troops properly. correct bullet count in magazines, recoil, and so on?

  2. Carl says:

    I disagree. The more realistic you make the training the better the Soldier will perform in the real thing.

    As Cody mentioned, basic load weight, weapon recoil and stress all count in training.

    As was shown in the series ‘Band of Brothers,’ the 101st Airborne purchased pig’s from the local farmers in England, butchered them and spread their blood, organs and intestine over the area that the paratroops had to train in (and crawl through).

    The closer you can get to real combat in training, the more Soldiers will survive both mentally and physically.

    • Agent R says:

      Have you served in the military? If so, have you been deployed? I only ask because you are using a movie as an example of “real combat training”

      • Atlatl says:

        Carl is correct. The Band of Brothers series was based on the book of the same name by Stephen Ambrose who wrote many books about the U.S. Army in Europe during WWII and was also Dwight D. Eisenhower’s official biographer.

        While the movie only showed a few seconds of the soldiers crawling through bob wire lined with pig intestine, the book goes into more detail about how the English farmers were paid to supply the 101st with lots of pig blood and guts to make the soldiers better able to handle that kind of thing in combat.

  3. tyler cannon says:

    you cant just be light on troops who might go to combat, and while in battle and strat crying because they didnt use blanks. or something like paintball, that hurts, because they wont know pain unless you give them the concept of what might happen

  4. caleb says:

    if you look at all the new “mil spec” airsoft rifles they actually have “shells”.

  5. Zach says:

    A lot of these airsoft guns are 100% identical in shape, weight, even in firing w/​ recoil and handling. The only difference is what comes out of the barrel. It allows our newly inexperienced men and women to safely train to eventually use the real thing in live fire training.

  6. Andy says:

    Airsoft is having a difficult time catching on in military circles. I admit I cringe when I see videos of fat, out of breath civilians running around trying to clear rooms. I wish I could tell them that I understand why they took that 6 figure job. However, behaving like this will never erase the regret of never having actually lived as Soldier or Marine. But I digress._If you are in the Military consider this: _​For training close quarters marksmanship (CQM) Airsoft or other simulations will never replace live fire exercises (LFX). However, when we look at your training tool kit, it can have a lot of different training tools in it. You are not locked into one approach to room clearing training and can use multiple tools during the same training._Each of these tools has its advantages. Some of them include:_•_Airsoft_•_Blank Ammunition_•_Paintball_•_Military Laser engagement systems (MILES)_•_Dry runs with unloaded weapons_•_Live Fire Exercises or LFX _​The some of advantages of Airsoft CQB training include:_•_Inexpensive initial investment and operation cost_•_Replicates the function of weapons reasonably well_•_Dose not require the extreme safety considerations of live ammunition_•_Dose not require special purpose ranges or facilities

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