Hockey Dad Killer — Lessons Learned for Self Defense

You may remember this heartbreaking news story…

In 2000, 42 y.o. Thomas Junta took his 11 y.o. son to hockey practice.

The coach wasn’t controlling the rough play on the ice and when Junta saw his young son get elbowed in the face, he yelled at the coach to calm the kids down.

The coach didn’t like that.

“That’s hockey!” was his reply.

The fuming Junta left the rink to regain composure but came back in to round up his son and his friends to take them home.

When he did, the coach reportedly physically attacked him, even though Junta far outweighed him.

Junta defended himself and punched the coach 3 times in “self-​​defense”.

One of those blows killled the coach — right there in front of all the children and witnesses.

While Junta wasn’t the instigator of the fight and was arguably defending himself after being attacked first, he was later found GUILTY of manslaughter by a court jury.

Imagine… one day you’re cheering your son on at his hockey practice and then the next day, you’re looking at never being able to watch him play on the ice again!

Think about all YOU have to lose in your life if you were even pulled away from your family and sentenced to prison.

Sadly, all it takes is ONE “WRONG MOVE” on your part!

In Junta’s case, even though he was defending himself, it was his FIRST WORDS to the police when they showed up that tanked his defense.

He tried to convince the cops that it was a “fair fight” and that he wasn’t afraid of the coach — and the coach wasn’t afraid of him.

Wrong answer!

While some people will tell you “not to say a single word” so you don’t incriminate yourself, this is actually NOT the best advice.

Instead, you should say, “I was afraid for my life!”

Then point out (briefly!) exactly what made you feel that way… and then shut up!

This is actually only PART of what you need to know about how to deal with the police when you’re forced to defend yourself (with or without a weapon).

And again, if you get ANY of these recommended actions wrong, it can hurt you in court if you’re put on trial.

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I think every responsible citizen owes it to their loved ones to not only know HOW to defend them in an attack…

… but also how to do it LEGALLY so you don’t end up like Junta and find yourself separated — behind bars — from those you fought to protect in the first place.



  1. Michael says:

    The coach was the idiot and deserved what he had coming to him and the results of this case made me sick. Junta had the right to get his kid. The coach attacked because of ego and probably a Napoleon complex. He wanted to be a tough guy. He showed about as much sense as a guy going to the zoo, climbing in with a bear and poking it in the eye. The only thing Junta didn’t do was underestimate his attacker. If a man attacks me, I don’t consider a 3 punch combo unreasonable. If he dies, because I was too strong for him, tough shit. If he dies from a heart attack of a stroke, because of a health condition, he should have thought of that before attacking me. I’m not going to wait long enough to give him a chance.

  2. John Matrix says:

    Wow.…it’s been a long time since this happened. I sided with Junta from the start. I don’t believe for one second that he intended to even hurt that punk. I’m a 6′ 270 lb bodybuilder and I am scared shitless to even leave my house after seeing the outcome of this trial. Obviously there was a bias against bigger guys that was played to the jury. Prosecutors are trained to use sophistry in order to excite and inflame juries and most jurors haven’t got a clue when a prosecutor is appealing to their personal biases, or even creating new ones in their minds.

    When a 160 lb guy physically confronts a 270 lb guy it is obvious it is the result of a “Superman complex.” I relate to the recent video I watched of a race car driver getting out of his vehicle and literally trying to stop another race car driver coming down the track at him, because he was angry at him,.….the idiot literally killed himself because of this little mentioned “Superman Complex.” It’s temporary insanity is what it is. Costin was INSANE. I’ve seen this in other situations where small guys get some liquid courage in them and pick fights with guys 50 to 100 lbs heavier.….they are INSANE.

    Apparently the ruptured artery that killed Costin is an inherited weakness and such a rupture is possible to occur with a visit to a chiropractor. This evidence was withheld by the prosecutor and subsequent attempts to appeal on this ground were denied.

    The justice system issues justice like game of crap shoot. Similar cases have charges withdrawn or dismissed. It all depends on the Judge, the prosecutor, the jurors, how good your lawyer is, and in some cases how popular your lawyer is. There is far too much subjectivity, bias, prejudice, and use of sophistry by the prosecutors for any kind of justice to prevail in our system.

    Junta got a raw deal.

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