Tactical Airsoft Training: Making Your Firearms Training Realistic

Most professionals who use airsoft guns will generally acknowledge there are some concerns when it comes to tactical firearms training. The reason is that these gun alternatives don’t have the same feeling that most firearms have. In fact, there are some models that only have controls that are simulated. With this, the cheaper airsoft guns are going to have fewer of the same features and will be far more fragile than traditional firearms. This can even carry over to some of the high end metallic options on the market. As you may know, they don’t have the recoil or same level of noise that you get from firearms training. So how does a person best prepare themselves for a realistic experience, with the use of alternative weapons?

Make Your Airsoft Firearms
Training Mirror Reality

Besides picking up airsoft guns that are similar to your standard weapon, you will also need to ensure you are using all your gear and attachments when you attend training. By doing this, you can experience the same interactions and hang ups you might have with your normal firearm. This creates a realistic experience and can be something that you end up benefiting from in the long run.

Design Your Own Airsoft Gun
Training Scenarios

From here, you will want to look into ensuring that your airsoft gun training is very similar to your traditional firearms training. This can be done by looking into some realistic scenarios you can create. Since attacks in real life can be random, you will want to use Google Alert to provide you with some ideas that you can use to take your firearms training to the next level. This can be done by using terms like Firearms Training and even Self Defense. When you find that something pops up, you can begin to prepare you and your friends with these scenarios. When you have the right gear and permission in place, you can then take to the streets or home to begin to explore this form of training and learn more about your weapon and protection.

Firearms Training Mindset vs.
Airsoft Gun Training Mindset

One other option you will have can transform you airsoft gun training into something that mirrors traditional tactical firearms training. This will be to treat the situation as if everything was realistic. That means when you pull the trigger on your gun, it is mirroring the same situation in life. One idea is that pellets from your airsoft won’t go through walls. Because of this, you may want to use sheetrock to create blind spots that can create a scenario where you will be in danger. This will help you to realistically use your weapon based on real limitations and through this training you just might get the techniques you need to save your life, or someone else’s.

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  1. John D says:

    TheBritish SAS used pellet rifles and fencing masks for realistic training in Malaysia!

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