Tactical Firearms Training: Airsoft Carjacking Drill

Many firearms training courses use airsoft guns to help with their firearm training exercises because they are a realistic option. These guns offer some realism and they help people in the scenarios stay in the mindset that they are carrying a weapon. With this force on force education, you have the chance to be putted against a real live person and have the chance to use a weapon in the same manner as a firearm for defense. However, there training is limited indoors and until you are faced with the public. Because of this, it is important to learn how to conduct the carjacking defense in a realistic manner, while in public.

Using Airsoft Gun Training To Defend Against a Carjacking: Scenario Setup

Perhaps the best way to handle this firearm training in public will be to setup a carjacking defense drill in a parking lot where not a lot of people are and those in the area understand that the drill is being done. If you are uncomfortable with the carjacking defense taking place in an actual car, it is also possible for you to create the scenario using other surrounding items to use in place of the vehicle or just do it in your driveway.

Carjacked! What to Train for Using Your Airsoft Gun

This is the point where your firearms training begins as with these drills you will only be limited to your imagination. You can sit in the driver’s seat and wait until someone approaches you with a weapon and they have the attention to hijack you. This individual can also have an airsoft gun on hand to add to the tension. What you will find in the car is that you are limited by your surroundings and everything can get in the way of your carjacking defense. This is going to be the most realistic approach you have in your firearm training and it lets you know what you can actually do. On paper, lots of things seem possible, but only in an actual situation will you be able to determine what you can truly do.

More Training Tips for Realistic Airsoft Gun Training

When possible, you will want people to dress realistically. Then, ensure that the tactics they use appear to be realistic. This includes things like methods used to stop your vehicle and how they are going to approach your vehicle. In some cases, this will even involve shoving a gun in your face. When you deal with all these situations and your air gun, you can find your limitations and know how to successfully survive this experience, while protecting your property. It is essential that you treat this like a real deadly situation to get the maximum benefit possible.

Conducting Airsoft Gun Training Safely In Public

When you are doing any firearms training in public, it will be important there is an someone in place to talk with bystanders. That will help you to avoid people thinking they are heroes and unnecessary emergency calls. Additionally, you want people at a safe enough distance that they aren’t injured by the plastic pellets. After all, firearms are dangerous in public and while airsoft guns are safer, they still need the same level of respect.

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