Tactical Firearms Training: Airsoft Home Defense Drill

When you are using airsoft guns as part of your firearms training, you need to be sure that you create real scenarios. Realistic drills like a home invasion would be a good way for you to ensure that trainees understand how to use their guns properly in a matter of moments. Here is a way you can practice home defense in the home should danger arise, without using a real firearm.

Home Invasion: Setting Up the Training

Begin with a stopwatch and situate yourself in your living room setting and turn on the television. Keep your airsoft gun in a location where you would potentially keep your own firearm, such as a drawer or a nightstand. Now with your partner, you will begin a home invasion scenario. Begin by having them knock on the door and then enter your home in a manner that would be unpredictable. Students should be encouraged to enter through different doors to keep others on their toes and to simulate an intruder that you will help to improve the actual home defense experience.

Home Invasion Scenario: Forced Entry and Your Airsoft Gun Training

When someone bursts into the door, you will need to see how fast it will take students to react to the situation. This is by heading to the gun in the home and then using it to provide you with better protection. Reaction times are important and you will want to keep going through the drill until the process is done in a reasonable amount of time. The goal is to show the importance of speed, being calm and ensuring that the home defense system doesn’t let you down.

Home Invasion Scenario: Someone Breaks in at Night are you Prepared?

For this airsoft gun training scenario, you will be lying in bed and the experience will take place in the dark. Be on your stomach and close your eyes. Wait for the alarm and then get up as quickly and you can and grab your airsoft gun. Then move to the safe room in the setup as quickly as possible. You will want to ensure you aren’t taking a lot of time and that your movements are precise, keeping in mind that you are going to be slowed down by being woken up in real life. As part of the training, students may have to wait in bed for specific period of time from the alarm to better simulate this.

Just be sure that you understand that your airsoft gun training will never be actual firearms training .While you can simulate real events and weapons, you do need to keep in mind that a real firearm will have other factors that can come into place and you will need to ensure that you practice your firearms training in addition to these scenarios to ensure you have the best overall understanding of how to keep yourself safe during a home invasion and to learn new tactics for the best home defense.

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