A Week’s Workout, in 130 Characters

A Week's Workout, in 130 Characters

Short workouts a little birdy created

Sixty percent of our annual weight gain happens between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Everyone can use some Fit Travel Workouts during the holidays and who doesn’t want Hard Core ABs into the New Year? so to get a jump on your resolutions and avoid the Heavy Holidays weight gain with a 15 minute workout session from my daily Twitter #moveoftheday tweets! Follow me for more@NikkiFitness  — I tweet a new, free move every day!

FitTravelDVD #moveoftheday: Sit/​hands by hips/​L knee bent. Lift R leg/​hips up, bend elbows+leg, straighten. x20/​switch pic​.twitter​.com/​L​H​9​T​0​KK8

BootyCampDVD move of the day: Do plie squat w knees to sides, bring R leg in, lean R, kick left heel, toes facing down pic​.twitter​.com/​Z​b​5​U​W​3up

Move of the day: Do 20 push-​​ups 4 chest +WHEEL push-​​ups 4 posture/​back. Do a wheel, then bend elbows+straighten x20. pic​.twitter​.com/​6​V​e​3​h​EWw

Slimnastics book/​DVD move of the day: Squat 3 times, jump into an X in the air, and land into a 4th squat. Repeat 30sec pic​.twitter​.com/​i​5​x​N​A​1nE

FitTravelDVD cardio move of the day-​​from Italy. Lunge R/​touch floor, jump high+ reach the sky in middle, lunge left x20 pic​.twitter​.com/​9​x​5​q​B​vpX

FitTravelDVD move of the day: triceps kneeling push up w elbows close to body, lift R leg. Repeat on L.x 20 pic​.twitter​.com/​f​Q​M​l​d​3c4

Slimnastics /​Fit Travel move of day: Side plank L hand, together R elbow+R knee x20/​change sides. Photo bottom left: pic​.twitter​.com/​c​k​p​Q​B​LSF

FItness — fit it in — in 130 characters or less. Nikki


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