Do you Need Better Supplements for Military Training?

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Soldiers are different. Some would say you’re a special breed because you made a choice to put your life on the line to protect the lives and liberties of people and families that you may never meet. And, we would agree with that. However, you are special in another way too.

Physically and mentally you have to be prepared to meet those duties…everyday. You don’t always have the choice to sleep in, call in sick, or say “no” because you don’t feel like showing up for work.

This means that your fitness levels have to be better than the average civilian. Better than most of the people you are sworn to protect.

And to achieve that you need better military fitness training, better understanding of the nutritional requirements for your active lifestyle, and the best dietary supplements to support all systems from brain to bones to muscle to heart to nerves.

Most over-​​the-​​counter supplements don’t do that because they are formulated for average people or gym rats that have different goals, different lifestyles and different requirements than a soldier.

What is a fitness level?

Your fitness level is determined by how well your body can withstand a physical workload and recover in a timely manner. And because a strong cardiovascular system is your foundation and the key to achieving an acceptable level of fitness, it must be fortified.

So while non-​​military training may focus on physique, or simply building muscle for aesthetic appeal, the best military training and dietary support will achieve performance results.

Military training is not just about looking good.

The Role of Dietary Supplements for Military, Police, and Sports

The Military has taken an active interest in the use of dietary supplements among enlisted personal. They are interested in understanding how supplements and enhanced foods can positively affect the performance and heath of soldiers, especially those in specialized units such as Navy Seals, Rangers, and Special Forces. They also study any negative effects that dietary supplements may have. Other sectors of the population that are involved in mentally and physically challenging situations can benefit from this ongoing nutritional research too.

As an example, Short-​​Term, High-​​Intensity Combat Operations whether in training or on deployment result in a need to minimize muscle loss and ensure adequate nitrogen balance. This can be achieved through higher protein intake; however, it’s not always possible for a soldier to sit down and eat a nice, thick, juicy steak. A dietary supplement can fill the gap.

Dietary supplements are often taken for general health and well-​​being and to try and ward off disease. In surveys of the military, this is also one of the reasons that soldiers will supplement their normal diet.

However, additional requirements must be considered for a military lifestyle; for the training of professional sports and fitness figures; for those involved in extreme sports; for law enforcement personnel; and for executives that may be subject to high levels of stress on the job.

Beyond “general health and well-​​being” you must be physically, mentally, and medically ready for duty. You have to be able to call upon your physical or mental capacities in a moment’s notice and then you must be able to recover quickly from that exertion.

This requires you to build and maintain optimal health and optimal performance levels form the inside out. It requires you to elevate your baseline fitness level.

The Warfighter is an Elite Athlete: Military Training Has to Recognize That!

You need strength, power, and flexibility. Modern warfare demands that you be able to handle a large heavy item like a battering ram, maneuver it up a flight of stairs, bust through the door, and then have enough energy and power to carry out the original assignment.

And, it may demand that you hike through the mountains for miles and then lie in position with your eyes on the target for hours without moving. Your joints and mental toughness have to be ready.

So while long, slow runs can build your endurance and cardiovascular health; short bursts of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can prepare you by lactate stacking. You have to have the right type of energy and power ready and in reserve for the type of activity you face in the field.

Nutrition and dietary supplementation are also crucial. 4 squares a day are just not gunna cut it when you are training. Mental and physical fatigue, and an increased chance of injury, can happen when you over train and under-​​nutritionalize (yeah…I just made that word up!)

Military fitness training is entering the 21st century. It is taking what works on the sports field and applying it to military training to create the most efficient and effective group of soldiers. It’s only logical that your nutrition and dietary supplement program are used to support your new training efforts. Don’t screw around with the average stuff…you’re not average, and the job you do is not average.

Military Grade Nutritionals  are formulated for the demands you’re going to face. Make sure you’re prepared. Use the code hero2012 when you order…we’ll give you a special discount!

Are You Ready for Peak Military Performance?

Discover how science can give you the competitive edge…just when you need it most. Are you taking “generic” Dietary Supplements? Or are you fueling your body with the best there is?

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