Great Gadgets for Giving, Part I


If you’re in a “present” panic , I thought it would be fun to share with you some innovative products and inspiring organizations that may be a perfect fit for your gift list.  It is also a great way to celebrate entrepreneurship by supporting Made in the USA products and U.S. companies.  The following gifts, gadgets, and giving opportunities are my salute to ingenuity. These organizations and companies are either founded by veterans or have a great track record of supporting our military community.  Happy shopping and be sure to stay tuned for Part II and III.

Get Centered

I met Jodi Delaney of VetsYoga a few weeks ago and have been really excited to share her information with you.  She has a brand new video out specifically tailored to our military veterans and personnel.  I’ve always enjoyed yoga so I was excited to give this program a go.  Yoga is a great exercise for reducing stress and improving flexibility, balance and strength.  VetsYoga has taken the health benefits of yoga a step further as a complement to those suffering with post-​​traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).   If you’re a little freaked out by the thought of doing yoga, don’t worry, this practice isn’t about religion or chanting. It’s about breathing, balance, strength and relaxation.

I jumped right into the 45 minute workout and found the instruction to be simple and easy to follow.  The moves are very basic which is perfect for beginners and those already familiar with yoga.  The pace was excellent — neither rushed nor too slow.  Other programs I’ve done focus on intensity and speed and I don’t think that’s the intent of a well-​​rounded yoga practice especially for this application.  It begins with a warmup then goes into power moves with awesomely named positions like Warrior, Cobra, and Mountain.  From there you move to balance and stretching moves.  Even though the final relaxation segment was only about 5 minutes long it was so relaxing I felt like I had just slept for 8 hours!  Afterwards I watched the introduction (which I recommend you do first) which contained compelling testimonies from Gulf War and Iraq War veterans featured in the video.  I did the 30 minute relaxation section before bed as a wind-​​down from a long day.  All in all, the program is exceptionally simple and effective.

I highly recommend it for everyone.  As always, be sure to talk with your health care professional before starting a new fitness program and mind the cautions at the beginning of the video for anyone with knee or joint issues.  VetsYoga is an encouraging, easy to follow program — you will get a great workout for body, mind and spirit from the comfort of your home.  Veterans & ADMP also receive a 50% discount with coupon code: “THANKYOU”   Go to: www​.vetsyoga​.com

Get Secure

Jeff & Kate Wright founded NexStrapsTM, Inc. in 2007.  I met them a couple of years ago and right away felt a connection — they live in one of the most idyllic coastal communities in Maine where my husband’s family is from.  They are a Veteran owned small business, have USA made products and are members of NaVOBA (National Veteran Owned Business Association).  If you enjoy an active and fit lifestyle or have a demanding outdoor job, you know what a bummer it is to lose your sunglasses or eyeglasses.  NexStraps is the best insurance policy to keep your eyewear in place no matter how extreme the circumstances.  I love the fact that the are made in the USA which is rare these days.  They are also unique in that they have a breakaway strap which attaches to your sunglasses then secures around your neck.  Other straps can go flying off the back of your head on the slopes or while catching a wave.  I also attach it to my baseball cap to keep it from flying off when we’re on the boat in the summer.   They are made of super comfortable soft neoprene, come in two different sizes, multiple colors and they even float!  Go to: www​.nexstraps​.com

Get Focused

Have you ever taken an energy shot or drink or know people who do? I never did until I was asked to try out this product in pre-​​production while Mark and I were traveling cross-​​country over the Christmas holiday.  We were asked to take it at least once a day and document how we felt.  I noticed greater mental clarity right away.  My mind felt sharper and more alert with absolutely no crash afterwards. I love taking it before a workout to give my muscles a performance edge and to keep me focused.  I’m finding that my intensity is greater and recovery is faster.  24KTM is a great, healthy alternative to all of the caffeine and sugar laden products on the market today.  Instead of masking over fatigue, it addresses the fatigue cycle of low energy, brain fog and stress all without caffeine, sugar, or stimulants of any kind.  It comes in a large economy bottle that I keep in the fridge as well as six packs of minis (enough for 12 servings) that make great stocking stuffers.  We are honored to partner with Reliv International (leading U.S. food science and research company) and their global mission to “Nourish Our World.”   With the VIP program, you get a free VIP account for great discounts and reduced shipping.  You can also refer other people and double your discount!  Go to: www​.My24kVIP​.com  enter vip code: gold

In Part II, I’ll share some really cool gadgets to keep you moving.  Whatever this holiday season brings for you, I hope these gifts, gadgets and giving opportunities will be a benefit and blessing to you and your families.  Enjoy your time together as that is life’s most precious gift of all.

“Every good gift comes from above.”

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