Great Gadgets for Giving, Part II


If you’re all tangled up in a tinsel tizzy over what to get the fitness enthusiast in your life, here are some of my favorite gifts to get you moving, grooving and feeling great.  The following innovations are my salute to the the American spirit.  These companies and organizations have a great track record of supporting our military community.  Happy shopping and be sure to stay tuned for Part III for special gifts that keep on giving long after the holiday season.

Get Groovin’

Do you love working out with music but hate those nasty white earbuds that never seem to stay on?  Whether I’m on the treadmill or trying to make a call on my iphone, I’m constantly putting those things back in my ears or trying desperately to untangle the cord.  When we met the folks at Yurbuds in St. Louis, Missouri, we were really impressed with their innovative designs and edgy marketing. Founded in 2008, Yurbuds have a twist lock design that fits to the inner contours of your ear.  Their tag line is “Developed by Athletes for AthletesTM.”  The soft silicone material is really light and comfortable.  They now have several models to fit all extreme sports as well as anyone who’s on the go with no twist cords, dry mics and exceptional sound quality.   They also carry a lifetime warranty.

It takes a little getting used to when you first put them in but once in, you can wear them for long periods of time and never get that ear ache like with other in-​​the-​​ear or on-​​the-​​ear devices.   I have a pair that I use on the treadmill and for power walks.  The sound quality is excellent and I still feel comfortable walking outside as it doesn’t block out sounds like a car approaching or the occasion neighborhood terrier bent on biting at my heels.  I also use a pair with a microphone on it for my cell phone and home phone.  I like to keep my hands free and Yurbuds fits the bill especially when I’m on the phone for long periods of time.  With trendy colors and cool names like Ironman, Inspire, Focus, and Driven, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your next adventure.  So far we’ve given them to every member of our family with rave reviews!  Plus active duty military get 20% at InMotion airport stores.  Go to: www​.yurbuds​.com

Get Moving

We always joke in our house that Mark is like a dog in that his favorite sports involve chasing a ball.  I’m more like a cat, always distracted by something shiny.  My favorite indulgences are shoes!   Maine is a state with a rich history of shoe factories including New Balance which is the first place we go for fitness shoes and athletic apparel.  The outlet store we frequent even offers generous discounts to all military members and veterans so be sure to check with your local store.  A couple of years ago, I started researching barefoot running and walking concepts.  I tried the 5-​​finger shoes but being a bit of a fashionista, I was looking for something that had a bit more form along with function.  At the same time, Mark was experiencing recurring shin splints and foot pain no matter which running shoes he tried.

We were introduced to the New Balance Minimus shoes at the Maine Marathon last year and I fell in love with the fit and comfort.   They are designed with a lower drop than conventional tennis shoes.  The drop is the difference between the heel height and the toe height.  This design allows the runner or walker to “achieve a closer-​​to-​​barefoot running experience by encouraging a more natural foot position and foot-​​strike.”  I love the light weight, the wider toe box (which allows the toes to splay out or naturally expand as they do when you are barefoot) and more natural feel.  Keep in mind that most fitness shoes have a 1” or even a 2” heal in some cases so you’ll need to train into a minimal shoe.  Be sure to  limit your initial use to 10% of your workout at first as you may experience some strain on your foot, calves and achilles tendons while your body and muscles adjust.  Let me tell you that it’s worth it.  My back and knees feel fantastic and Mark hasn’t had a single shin or foot issue since switching over to New Balance Minimus.  Go to: www​.newbalance​.com

Get Quenched

Sometimes it feels like everything gets so overhyped, doesn’t it?  We end up getting lost in the noise of marketing overload.  I feet that way about the sports drink market, all style and no substance.  This summer we had the great opportunity to sponsor a collegiate baseball team, the Old Orchard Beach Raging Tide.  They were looking for a better, healthier, higher quality sports drink to give their team during practice and for the season.  Innergize!® fit the bill, perfectly.  After their first practice, the team vote was unanimous — they all loved it and enjoyed a great season.  Innergize! is essential to my fitness training and I love sharing it because it is such a high quality product. It is a patented blend of electrolytic ingredients combined in perfect balance to hydrate at the cellular level which is why it is considered truly isotonic.

Unlike other sports drink, Innergize! has no high fructose corn syrup, no refined sugars, no emulsifiers, and no preservatives.  The natural orange and lemon flavors are delicious and refreshing.  We enjoy ours after strenuous exercise and even as a refreshing beverage during the day.  I also like the fact that I can share it with my eight year old nephew since it’s safe for all ages and a much healthier alternative for him than mass marketed sports drinks.   It’s also healthier for the environment as it comes in a 28 serving can as opposed to bulky plastic bottles. You can use this VIP site to set up a free shopping lounge to order and all proceeds benefit the OOB Raging Tide Baseballl Team and the great work they do to support our military and veterans throughout the season: www​.my24kvip​.com enter vip code: thetide

Whatever this holiday season brings for you, I hope these gifts, gadgets and giving opportunities will be a benefit and blessing to you and your families.  Enjoy your time together as that is life’s most precious gift of all.

“Every good gift comes from above.”

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