The Defender: A Covert Defensive Tool

Don’t let the small size fool you; this little tool can help you out of a jam!

I recently had the opportunity to learn how to effectively use this device at a training conference I was teaching at and now I am in the process of becoming a certified instructor in the use of it. I plan on teaching my police officers and martial arts students how to use this strange looking object to defend themselves, and in the case of my fellow police officers, to control the bad guy so that he can go to jail!

What is it? That is what people will probably ask you when they first see the Defender. That is actually an appropriate question because at first glance it looks like a cross between a bottle opener and a windshield scraper (for those who know what that is Hint: you have to live where it snows).

Master Peter Brusso has quite an interesting background. He is a Viet Nam Era veteran. He is an engineer. He is a private pilot, but the most important thing is he is a true warrior. With black belts in many martial arts, real life combat experience, and years and years of martial arts teaching experience.

Furthermore, his work in the military actually inspired a book which then inspired the movie “The Men Who Stared at Goats.” With all of that said, and given Master Brusso’s experience fighting in the Cambodian jungles and his other real world combat experience, in addition to having an engineering degree, he is the perfect man to invent a rather innocent looking covert defensive device.

The Defender is a piece of plastic type material flat but with a unique shape. The edges and sides of the Defender all have specific purposes. You can control a person with one side, apply pressure to vital targets with another side, and strike with many of the sides. The Defender is designed as a less-​​lethal device; however, if your life was in jeopardy you could use it in a more damaging manner than how it would normally be used.

Unlike other more ominous and sinister looking self-​​defense weapons that would be banned from certain locations, this device, or tool as Master Brusso refers to it, is quite innocent looking and will fit into your back pocket or purse. It might not replace having a firearm when someone is shooting at you, but in close quarters combat scenarios this device could be exactly what you need to defend yourself and live.

I was familiar with Master Brusso and some of his training products because I had purchased the combat Machete video a while ago. I was very impressed with that video and learned quite a bit from it. Moreover, it was one of the only, if not the only, video available explaining how to use and defend against the machete. Machetes are carried all over the world and they are certainly a common tool found where I work as a police officer, South Florida. Look for future articles about other Master Brusso videos and training courses; he has produced many quality products which I am in the process of reviewing.

So for now, Happy New Year! Stay Safe and Always Remember, “If Not Me, Then Who?”

For more information about the Defender, Peter Brusso, and his other videos and products, check the following websites:








  1. Phil Flores says:

    I would be interested in learning more about The Defender. I have been a student of many different martial arts since the age of 12. I have 25 yrs U.S. Military,(Navy/Navy Reserve) and 28 yrs LE career and not a private investigator after retiring from LE. Although I am confident in my ability I am always looking for more. Your article is very interesting.

  2. Thank you for your comments!

    You can find out more about the Defender and other products at the above listed websites.

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Dr. John M. Landry, of Landry & Associates — a training and consulting firm, is a retired law enforcement lieutenant (still serves as a reserve officer) and who has practiced martial arts since 1974. His studies include many systems where he has earned black belt ranking and instructor level certification. He is also a certified Law Enforcement Fit Responder Trainer and founder of Modern American Combatives.

Dr. Landry has served as a martial arts instructor since 1989, a police instructor since 1995, and is certified as an instructor in Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Chemical Weapons, Impact Weapons, Handcuffing, and Reality Based Training. His academic experience includes teaching at many accredited universities in the fields of Counter-Terrorism, Criminal Justice, Crime Scene Investigation, and Education. Dr. Landry earned a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis on law enforcement learning and training.