What to Pack to Avoid Packing on Holiday Pounds!

What to pack to avoid packing on holiday pounds

It’s time again to pack up your festive clothes and hit the road for the holidays. I want to make sure your suitcase is the only thing that comes back a little heavier — with gifts for you — and that you’re not packing the pounds on yourself.

Start with a plan to avoid the Heavy Holidays and plan for fit travel. I created a Fit Travel DVD workout — shot around the world with no equipment required — prove that you can work out wherever your trip takes you. I also have packing tips for ways to save room and be healthier during the holidays. Here is a video from my recent segment on WCBS/​WLNY TV in New York City to get you inspired.

Start with wearing your lightweight sneakers when you travel, so you don’t need to pack them. Then pack the following:

–Laptop/​Ipad for DVDs or online workouts

–Packing cubes to organize your gear and save room

–Tide laundry bag and Downy washing beads that keep your fitness clothes smelling good

–Workout clothes you can sleep in before you sweat (AstroSportswear​.com has workout clothes that feel like silk pajamas and shorts/​sports bra that can also double as a bathing suit if somewhere warm or in a hotel with a pool)

–My Fit Travel Workout DVD, Slimnastics Book and DVD (www​.nikkifitness​.com)

–Yoga Paws are like little mats for your hands and feet, so you don’t have to pack a rolled up yoga mat! (www​.yogapaws​.com)

–Headphones and iPhone with fun music playlists already loaded. I have suggestions on my website too!

–Travel snacks like popcorn and trail mix, travel fitness drinks, apples (Bear Naked trail mix and cereal, Svelte shakes, Popcorn Indiana brands)

–Workout tubing or resistance bands

–Eat an apple before your holiday meal. It curbs hunger to keep portion size in check

–Find twitter and FB sites that provide free “moves of the day” like mine @NikkiFitness



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