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How to Become “Invisible” in a Riot

Of course you’re smart enough to avoid dangerous areas prone to a riot, right?

But the very nature of social chaos reveals that riots can occur at a moment’s notice and have been known to occur in such common scenarios as:

  • Sports team championship loss
  • Bad court decision like LA “Rodney King” riots
  • Flash mobs like 2011’s Milwaukee State Fair attack

These very events have led to severe injury and even death where there was once a peaceful environment.

If you find yourself caught in a riot, one of the things you want to make sure of is that you don’t draw attention to yourself.

CLEAN UP Your Diet for Better Health!

CLEAN UP Your Diet for Better Health

Now that we are settling into the New Year, you have probably spent some time reflecting on your life – from career to family to health and everything in between. Maybe you made some resolutions and are determined to make positive changes. If any of these resolutions or changes are related to becoming healthier or dropping a few pounds, you may consider trying to eat CLEAN. The fact that juicing and cleansing are becoming daily conversation pieces shows that we’re all looking for a way to refresh and detoxify. My opinion is that eating CLEAN is all you need to feel better, get healthier, and shed some weight.

Eating CLEAN means eating what nature intended – foods in their natural state – while avoiding processed and refined foods. Ideally, these foods should have only 1–2 ingredients, but more a more loose way of doing this would be to make sure all ingredients are real food ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals (no item listed that you can’t identify or pronounce).

Fitness & Food Change Together are Stronger than Apart

  • January 14, 2013
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Fitness and Food Change Together are Stronger than Apart

If you resolved to work out more in 2013, don’t let your sweat be in vain. One of the reasons people abandon their fitness resolutions is lack of results, and that generally happens when they think they are eating right, but aren’t. Changing your food habits will get you to your goals and keep fueling your workout motivation.

Check out my Fox & Friends food resolution segment here and my tips below to make that sweat count more than your calories!