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Navy Seal Training: You Think You’re Ready – But are You?

Training to be a navy seal requires physical and mental toughness training

Training to be a Navy Seal is a group project – your mind, your body, and your nutritional foundation all need to work together. And, that preparation begins a long time before you enter military bootcamp. To be successful, I would argue that your training begins the moment you decide to be more than “average”.

Face it, to do what a Navy Seal does in the line of duty requires physical and mental toughness that goes way beyond an average workout, an average level of intelligence, and an average nutrition and dietary routine.

Older vs. Younger Athletic Performance — Who is Best?

Older vs Younger Athletic Performance — Who is Best?

This week, a random group of questions crossed my inbox from our Allies from across the pond and I thought it would make a good discussion on the Fitness Blog.  I look forward to hearing people’s experiences with this topic on both sides:  the Young vs the Old.  Here is the first question /​ topic:

1) At what age does the average man reach his full physical strength and fitness like agility,speed,stamina, strength etc? You can give me a range of age.

There is some research out there on this topic as well as evidence that men peak later in life physically than one might think.  Just look at the ages of the fastest times in marathons, triathlons, Olympic weight lifting etc…for the fastest times and strongest lifters.