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Blood-​​Doping for Military Sports and Training?

  • January 27, 2013
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With all the news about Lance Armstrong and his admission to using banned substances to enhance performance and endurance, there is a risk that he is indirectly endorsing these substances. Afterall, they must work if he won 7 Tour de France titles!

Some will believe that if they don’t resort to “illegal” methods of training then they have no hope of winning. They will be mentally defeated before even stepping foot onto the field. Others will believe that the only way they can win is by breaking the rules and possibly “risk it at all costs…” as Armstrong admitted to being driven to do.

Still others will become cynical and automatically assume that extraordinary sports performance is the result of blood-​​doping, blood transfusions, EPO and testosterone injections or other banned practices.

They will quickly forget the hours of training, the sports and nutritional science, the safe, non-​​doping dietary supplements used, and the genetic benefits of the champion.