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The Beat Goes On

Eielson AFB guitar

Did your parents make you take music lessons when you were a kid?  I had to learn to play the piano.  At the time, I considered it sheer torture. Especially since my piano lessons with Mrs. Mauthe included bicycling past the meanest dogs in the neighborhood.  No matter how hard I pedaled, they always seemed to catch up, nipping at my heels and terrorizing me for a full block until I reached my teacher’s driveway.  Then another form of torture ensued…piano lessons!  In spite of my youth-​​filled drama, I decided to give it another go and I’m reteaching myself how to play minus the task-​​master teacher and the crazed canines.  It’s a bit arduous, but there is something calming about a music filled house.  Science seems to agree especially for those dealing with combat related challenges.