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Heavy Metal

Fort Bragg NC Blacksmithing class

For most kids, summers are spent at the pool, on a beach or at summer camp.  Our summers were slightly different as my dad transformed our garage into a foundry.  While other kids were scolded for running with sticks, we donned welders gloves, grabbed heavy metal tongs, snagged a hot metal casting out of the furnace and ran it down to the lake for a good quenching!   While I don’t recommend that form of entertainment for most families, metals do play an important role in our health.

Two Moves to Pack When You Travel

  • January 31, 2013
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Two moves to pack when you travel

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

The cold winter weather might be keeping you home, away from the gym, or sending you out of town, packing for warmer climates. I was recently reviewed by the New York Times about moves for the busy business traveler, but you can do them anywhere, for any travel reason, or just at home in your living room.

The two they featured are (photo attached, curtesy, NY Times):

1) The Incline push-​​up. When feet are higher than the hands, you get a different challenge for those pectorals. Do 5 sets of 20 reps, for 100 a day. View photo.

2) The reverse fly with hydrant. This works the upper back (trapezius and rhomboids), which is the opposing muscle group to the pecs, so they are perfect to do together. Don’t have a weight? Fill a hotel iron with water and that will do for 20 or more reps! The move also targets your abs because you are off balance, and your outer thighs as you lift your opposite leg out to the side. View photo.