How to Choose a Tactical Flashlight for Home Defense

While you may be a crack shot down at the range with the bright lights and nice stationary paper target, you must understand this…

… most shootings will occur in low-​​light settings and while you (and/​or your attacker) are moving.

This is important to know because I’ve been noticing more and more stories in the news of late night home invasions.

In low-​​light, you have the added challenge of identifying your target and then making a shoot — don’t shoot decision.

(You wouldn’t want to find out that bump in the night was just your teenager sneaking in through the window after losing the house key, right?)

This is where a good quality tactical flashlight comes in handy.

So what type of light do you need?

How To Choose A Tactical Flashlight
For Home Defense

* You want something super bright that uses LED bulbs. These are the best for blinding and disorienting an attacker and the bulbs and paired with lithium batteries, will last a long time in storage.

* Think small — like 5 or 6 inches — that can be put in your pocket; attached to your gun; or even used like a kubotan if you’re forced into close quarters combat without your weapon. I like the ones with the jagged bezel around the lens for striking.

* Hide several “backup” lights around your home. You never know where you’re going to be when the lights go out or you need to grab one for fast defense in a home invasion.

* Some new flashlights have a strobe feature on them that can really disorient an attacker… but practice with it because it’s going to freak you out when you see it.

Just remember, for your primary tactical light, you get what you pay for. Plan on spending between $65–100 for a good one.

If you think that’s too much, consider the price you pay without having the right equipment when you and your family are facing one or more predators in a home invasion, intent on torturing or killing your loved ones.

Kind of puts things into perspective, eh?



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