Men’s Vitamins and DHEA: Building Muscle like a 20-​​year Old?

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DHEA is a steroid. Military Grade’s Multipurpose Formula and Super Army & Professional Sports Formula contain DHEA. Should you be concerned? Is it Safe? Does it hold up to non-​​doping standards?

Say the word “steroid” and most people are ready to run the other way, suspect you of illegal activity, or harass you for tricking the sports training system. However, when we’re talking about DHEA, or Dehdroepiandrosterone as it’s formally known, we’re talking about a different kind of steroid.

Men’s Vitamins with DHEA: Is This a Good Idea?

DHEA is a steroid hormone and can be found in dietary supplements that are taken primarily by men, elite athletes, and people involved in extreme conditioning such as military, law enforcement, special ops personnel such as Navy Seals, and even high level corporate executives who operate under high levels of stress.

However, DHEA is not an anabolic steroid.

Anabolic steroids are the “bad” ones. An anabolic steroid is defined as “any of a group of usually synthetic hormones that increase constructive metabolism and are sometimes abused by athletes in training to increase temporarily the size of their muscles.” These types of steroids usually have a host of negative side effects including:

  • Heart troubles
  • Blood clotting
  • Liver conditions like jaundice
  • Reduced fertility
  • Anger issues

DHEA, which is often found in the best dietary supplements and men’s vitamins, is an adrenal steroid. It is an indirect building block for other hormones. It doesn’t directly affect the amount of testosterone produced.  It serves more as a buffer against excesses or deficits of estrogen and androgens.

What’s the Benefit of DHEA in Men’s Vitamins?

benefits of mens vitamins with dheaDHEA has been the subject of several anti-​​aging studies. The whole “anti-​​aging” conversation is not about the number of candles you put on your birthday cake. It’s more about nutritionally supporting your body so that the health of all your body’s systems, including cells, hormones, organs, tissues and more, function at peak levels. And most people naturally peak in their younger years.

So the question has been asked, “How can we turn back, or slow down, that biological clock?”

It’s been well documented that the levels of DHEA in your system peak at around the age of 20–24 and then steadily decline. In fact, when a man reaches the age of 70, his DHEA levels could be as little as 10–20% the volume of what was present during his peak.

So how would you like to feel like you did when you were in your mid 20’s? How would you like your muscle tissue to respond to your workouts like they did during puberty?

That’s the goal that men’s vitamins strive for when they include a dose of DHEA.

The evidence supports a correlation between low DHEA levels and increased mortality in men, loss of lean body mass and muscle function. So adding DHEA to your men’s vitamin formula, allowing your body to have increased levels of DHEA, could bring some benefits, right?

DHEA has a positive effect on your hormones. As you age, your hormones adjust. It’s possible that a men’s vitamin that includes the right ingredients to balance out these adjustments could improve your overall conditioning efforts, mood, and even sex drive.

Like I said…want to perform like you did in your 20’s and 30’s?

But are Men’s Vitamins with DHEA Safe?

mens vitamins with DHEAThere were some concerns with DHEA early on. Some believed that there was a reason that DHEA levels decreased as you aged. The theory was that lower DHEA levels actually kept certain cancers from forming, such as prostate and breast cancer. While studies continue to gather data for long term use of DHEA as a supplement, there are no indications that maintaining those higher DHEA levels as you age is a threat.

Some studies have shown that DHEA caused a slight decline in HDL cholesterol (the good kind). And while further studies are warranted in better controlled environments to verify these findings, it’s important to be aware of these early studies so the rest of your diet and lifestyle choices will support a healthy cholesterol balance. If cholesterol is a concern for you, then be sure to work with your doctor to establish your baseline and then monitor your health improvements as a result of the lifestyle and diet choices you make.

Men and women have different nutritional needs. (yes — all P.C aside…we are different) And an active person engaged in military training and environmental conditions faced as a soldier, have different dietary supplements needs than your “average” civilian.

There are benefits to choosing Dietary Supplements that are formulated specifically to your needs. That means men’s vitamins that address the special concerns of men, and even sports vitamins that address the extreme conditions placed on an athlete’s body.

Your body changes as you age. The nutritional needs of your body change as the result of stress it’s exposed to. With vitamins for men, and vitamins for your extreme lifestyle, you have a better chance to stay at peak performance no matter how many candles are on your cake!


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  1. I never knew about the anti aging argument for DHEA. Sounds pretty interesting, especially if we can continue to perform at peak levels and get the maximum benefits from our workouts. Good article!

  2. George L says:

    My son began doing TaeKwonDo when he was 9. He is now 17 and a 4th Degree Black Belt. Two years ago he became a member of his high school swim team. They have been Division Champions for for the past two years. His body is a hard as a rock. He does weight lifting on a schedule. But most of all he is a Naval Sea Cadet and intends to become a Navy Seal. He is very strong but muscle definition seems to elude him. I’m wondering if DHEA would be a choice for a growing 17-​​year old? Thanks.


  3. Erik says:

    George DHEA is not recommended for men under 30. Have him take creatine

  4. steve c says:

    5mile runs, rucks, 200 push ups situps mid 20’s pull ups, and get used to being cold water is 56 degrees on the island. and mentally tough helps yell at him working out, its 30% physical 70% mental.

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