Military Traumatic Brain Injury: Can Nutritional Support Stop It Before it Happens?

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When you decided to enter the military, you prepared, right? You started running to build cardiovascular health, you started paying attention to what you ate, you started taking dietary supplements to build lean muscle and strengthen your immune system, and you started studying so you could pass the required exams. All of this is good and definitely stacked things in your favor to get into the military.

But the end of military bootcamp is just the beginning of becoming a soldier.

When you’re a soldier you are given many opportunities. You are also exposed to many environmental and occupational threats that the normal population will never face. For this reason you need to take your nutritional health more seriously than the “average” population. You also need to fortify all systems of your body, including your brain, to meet the demands of combat.

Can Nutritional Support Lead to Improved Outcomes of Military Traumatic Brain Injury?

The more we discover about nutrition, the more we are finding that the closer we stay our foods natural state, the better nutritional value there is. This means that as our food is processed, cooked and packaged some of the nutritional value is lost.

Why is this important?

Because you are what you eat. Everything that passes your lips will eventually end up affecting your cells, for better or worse. The military spends a lot of time and research studying the effects of nutrition and various dietary supplements to see which can be used to aid in military training and be used effectively and safely during deployments.

The military understands under the extreme conditions a soldier faces, running to Whole Foods® is not always an option. So, supplementation is the next best thing.

There have been over 200,000 cases of military traumatic brain injury since 2000. In the wake of extended tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, brain trauma, concussions, and post-​​traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are becoming a bigger part of discussions and research. This is good news. Because the symptoms from the trauma of a concussion that’s not properly diagnosed or treated may not show up for years.

Today, we are hearing about this quite a bit as the NFL highlights concussions and takes extra precautions with their players. And while the military has already been looking for solutions to brain trauma and concussions, the publicity from the NFL is bringing public awareness to the subject.

Although the studies involving brain health and nutrition are in their infancy (just 20 years), there is enough evidence to suggest that there may be a positive connection between nutrition and brain health. In fact, a study by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies in April, 2011 stated that, “As research continues on this subject, new information suggests that nutritional interventions could help in treating or even providing resilience against TBI [traumatic brain injury]”

So as you scoop that protein powder into your morning shake, you should also think about incorporating the best dietary supplements to fortify your brain health and possible reduce military traumatic brain injury.

Which Dietary Supplements Support Brain Function?

Studies show that nutrients have the ability to interact with the bodies physiological processes. Ongoing research continues to collect more information about the positive effects of dietary supplements on the brain to determine which ones offer the best and safest support. However, there are a few supplements that are already showing promise based on this research.

Gingko Biloba and Siberian Ginseng, two of the ingredients included in the Military Grade Nutritionals Navy Seal Formula, are often used in studies for brain health, including research in how to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s.

We are not suggesting that supplements alone are a magic pill or fountain of youth. Any approach to your health must incorporate all areas of your life and work synergistically. It won’t do much good to eat lots of kale and broccoli and take the best dietary supplement, and then over-​​indulge at the local bar on a regular basis.

But we do know that the strength and health of your cells determines the strength and health of every organ and system in your body and ultimately how well you will meet and recover from any physical and environmental challenges you face during military training and military duty.

And, the nutrients in your body are obtained through food and dietary supplements. To learn about what studies show about the ingredients in the best dietary supplements for military training and deployment, be sure to get your copy of Muscle Building ABC’s.








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