Navy Seal Training: You Think You’re Ready – But are You?

Training to be a navy seal requires physical and mental toughness training

Training to be a Navy Seal is a group project – your mind, your body, and your nutritional foundation all need to work together. And, that preparation begins a long time before you enter military bootcamp. To be successful, I would argue that your training begins the moment you decide to be more than “average”.

Face it, to do what a Navy Seal does in the line of duty requires physical and mental toughness that goes way beyond an average workout, an average level of intelligence, and an average nutrition and dietary routine.

Training to Be a Navy Seal: Mental Toughness

Training to be a navy seal 5Every mentally strong person understands that they were meant to be great. You were put on this earth to do something that nobody but you can do. You will be tested and challenged because the best rewards are not handed to you on a silver platter. They are earned.

As you go through training to be a Navy Seal, your mental strength will be tested and pushed every day. Most guys that enter military training for special ops believe that they have what it takes. At this point, you’ve already passed some pretty tough physical and mental tests just for the privilege of entering months of Hell. But when the rubber hits the road and you’re cold, wet, tired, and physically drained your brain is going to want to step in and “protect” you. After all, that’s its job.

But your job is to complete the mission. Your desire is to complete training and become a Navy Seal, right?

And yet, your brain can fail you. At the most crucial moments your mind will want to protect you from threats – actual or perceived. This is normal. That’s just how your brain is wired after thousands of years of survival.

Will you surrender to what your brain thinks is safe, or will you have the confidence and the mental strength to allow your training to override centuries of “flight” impulses? Believe it or not, nutritional fortification is a big part of mental toughness. You cannot stack effective training – both physical and mental – on a weak foundation and expect it to stand under pressure.

And your dietary supplements and food choices form affect every cell in your body. That is your foundation.

Training to Be a Navy Seal: Muscle, Endurance and Flexibility

Training to be a navy seal 2Are you physically ready to be a Navy Seal? This isn’t just about muscle. It’s also about endurance and flexibility. Your entire body needs to be prepared for the job you will be called to do. A bodybuilder concentrates on bulking up and muscle strength. A Seal also needs to run, swim and stretch. Obviously, your dietary supplemental needs will be different.

Your heart and cardiovascular system must be ready for everything. And, while training to be a Navy Seal you will be running everyday, in the sand, in combat boots. You should train in a similar manner.

When your body is conditioned and nutritionally balanced, your cardiac output shouldn’t exceed 130–140 beats per minute. This is the benchmark cardiac output rate of a well-​​trained person – regardless of how much exercise you happen to be doing at the moment. Exceeding this rate is an indication that your cardiovascular system is not fully developed.

Improving your cardiovascular system is possible. It takes consistent training and nutritional fortification.

Training to be a Navy Seal: Building your Nutritional Foundation

Be sure that you have a good nutritional foundation. A diet of beer and pork rinds ain’t gunna to cut it. You need adequate amounts of complete proteins, vitamins and minerals. It’s easy to be lacking in these if you adhere to a Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) since much of the food is processed, packaged, and purged of vital nutrients. For that reason, a dietary supplement made specifically to support the excessive training conditions experienced while training to be a Navy Sealis important.

If you think the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is good enough, think again. You will be exerting much more energy than the “average” person than those RDA numbers were created for. As an example, the current RDA for protein in a healthy adult is 0.8 g/​kg of body weight, and for most people that would be just fine.

But Navy Seals are not “most people.”

You must take into consideration:

  • The quality of the protein you ingest
  • Your total energy and carb intakes
  • The type, intensity, and length of exercise you’re involved with
  • When you take your protein
  • The type of protein, branched chain amino acids and speed at which it is metabolized by your body

The quality of everything that you put in your body from regular food, protein powder, and dietary supplements will determine the quality of the physical and mental machine that you build and maintain in your training to be a Navy Seal.

Are You Ready for Training to be a Navy Seal?

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