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Daily Pushups? Fitness Testing Help Needed!

  • February 5, 2013
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Daily Pushups? Fitness Testing Help Needed!

Here is a good question about performing at a maximum level on fitness testing.  As with weight training, you do not want to do daily high repetition calisthenics on the same muscle groups.  In fact, when you push the limits of 500‑1000 reps in a workout, you could still be pushing it too much still.  See what young hard charger says:

Stew, I used to do 1000 pushups a day and built up to 80 pushups in two minutes.  After reading your article on Stop Doing Daily PT I dropped to 1000 pushups every OTHER day.  I am doing well with everything else (pullups, situps, run, and swim) but cannot get over 100 pushups on the PST?  What gives?  

Your problem is pretty common actually.  Even though your volume of pushups is very high, you would think that 100 reps in a two minute period is going to happen sooner than you think.  Well, this increase is tough.  It is like dropping from a 7 minute mile pace to a 6 minute mile pace.  It takes time AND practice with two minute pushups tests.  Also in the Navy SEAL /​ SWCC, EOD Physical Screening Test (PST) you have to swim 500 yards first, so when you do your pushup sets you should mix it with swimming.  For instance do Swim /​ PT like this:

Military BootCamp Training: Can the Whole Family Get Involved?

  • February 5, 2013
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military bootcamp training 3

Civilian run military bootcamp training may not be the real thing…but can you still get the same results? Your goal may not be to go into combat, but there is some benefit to being “combat ready” through an intense workout. Do you have friends, family, or a spouse that has always been curious about whether or not they have what it takes to survive and thrive the way you did? If so, you’re in luck because the trend in fitness right now is intense training.