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Navy Hell Week: Torture, Weight Loss, and the 3Lb Muscle

Navy Seals

Navy Hell Week refers to the extreme military training that recruits go through in phase one of their training. Stories of this training are legendary. Only about thirty percent of students that go through Navy Hell Week make it through. In fact, some classes have resulted in no students making it.

Those who do make it through, however, come away with new understanding, greater confidence, and deep respect for themselves and their team, knowing that their bodies can endure much more than they previously thought possible.

Officially, Navy Hell Week lasts about 5.5 days. But those that have been there say that the entire 6 months of training can feel like Hell as they are tested and toughened by fire. The training is a continuous barrage of military training and physical exercise, 132 hours to be exact, while trying to deal with being constantly wet, cold and having your skin rubbed raw by the sand and the wind.