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Eater’s Digest


I’m not much of a magazine reader but I have flipped through a Reader’s Digest or two while visiting relatives.  I go right for the clever short stories and jokes.  I even submitted an inadvertent joke my nephew made about superheroes when he was four years old.  He was describing all of their powers one evening to his uncle Mark.  His favorite superhero is Spiderman (mine too, actually!).  He shared every one of Spiderman’s powers in great detail.  When Uncle Mark asked him about the next superhero on the list, Spider-​​woman, Lorenzo innocently quipped, “Oh, she’s just like Spiderman only more complicated.”  It sure felt like a Reader’s Digest moment!  In a world of information overload, condensing a lot of information into a little space to make things more digestible still works.  What if you could do the same with your food choices?