BCAA and Glutamine: The Dynamic Duo for Building Muscle?

BCAA and Glutamine - building muscle 2 dynamic duo

BCAA’s. If you’re building muscle and want faster recovery after fitness training, then branched chain amino acids are your version of muscle building ABC’s. Why? Because amino acids are the building blocks of your body. Your muscles crave them. And when you workout your body has to get enough so that you’re burning calories and building muscles rather than burning up your muscles because of protein deprivation.

Overtraining and Poor Nutritional Support

One of the biggest mistakes guys make when they workout is: overtraining. The second is not getting enough of the right nutrients to support their workouts. Believe or not, the two are related and…they are preventable!

As it turns out, the idea that “more is better” when you hit the gym has no real evidence to support it. Too many repetitions, too much weight, too fast and too soon will put you out of commission faster than you can say “steroids”

Here’s the thing you want to remember. You want to be fit for the long term, right? Going for quick and short results, the philosophy of here today gone tomorrow because I’m burnt out or injured, is just not worth it.

BCAA and Glutamine - building muscle 3Real fitness goes way deeper than just physique. No matter how quickly you get those bulging muscles or how many glances you get from that hot brunette in the corner, not being able to back your play when it really counts sucks.

This is where leveraging comes in…scientific leverage. Understanding how your body responds to your training and the dietary and nutritional support you give it really count.

With BCAA dietary supplements you can leverage the way your body already works. You can get the results you want without overtraining or pushing yourself to the point of injury.

I’m not saying to avoid training hard. What I am saying is that you’ve got to train smart. And your fitness training extends beyond the gym.

Your training includes eating the right food – real food that has real essential nutritional value. Then, supplementing that food with the best and latest scientific advances to support your lifestyle and your personal fitness, weight loss, and muscle building goals.

What’s Essential about BCAA’s for Building Muscle?

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are in the category of Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) that your body needs, but cannot produce on its own. It has to get it from outside sources. Yes, you can get them from food but very rarely do we get enough to sustain an active lifestyle.

Benefits cited for BCAA’s include:

  • Stimulating Protein Synthesis
  • Boosting the Immune System
  • Increase your Rate of Recovering
  • Stimulating Visceral Fat Loss
  • Increasing Levels of Endurance
  • Decreasing the amount of Muscle Proteins used as Fuel

These benefits allow your body to burn energy in the order that most benefits your goals for muscle gain and fat loss. Naturally, your body will burn carbs and fat first. When those stores are depleted your body turns to your muscles for energy. That causes you to lose muscle mass…which is NOT what you’re after, right?

And remember, most people don’t get enough BCAA’s in their daily diet. So when you use a dietary supplement you have plenty of energy in your muscles to reduce the possibility of losing muscles when you work out.

Now, let’s talk about that “Secret Sauce” of BCAA’s and Glutamine.

BCAA and Glutamine: Healthy Blood = Ultimate Training Results

BCAA and Glutamine - building muscleBCAA’s are the most abundant amino acid in your muscles. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your blood. Glutamine aids your immune system and helps your body recover quickly.

So think about how much better your workouts and training are when you combine the two.

Build muscles (BCAA); recover quickly (Glutamine).

Guys that use both nutritional supplements often report less muscle fatigue and “burn” after their workout. This is also the combination found in the BCAA Dietary Supplement scientifically formulated by Military Grade Nutritionals.  (**Dulce – link this to the product page of the main site http://​www​.militarygradenutritionals​.com/​B​C​A​A​/​B​C​A​A​.​h​tml )

Your body is incredible in its desire to stay balanced, and operate at peak levels. When you balance your entire training routine (in the gym, at the table, and with your supplements), your body will naturally and almost effortlessly respond. The result will be greater muscle mass, less overall fat, and the ability to “back your play” when it really counts!

Do you know how important diet and nutritional fortification is to your Military Training Success?


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