Best Exercises Muscle by Muscle: Part II


Well hey there, I’m back with more of some pretty cool exercises muscle, by muscle. If you missed Part 1, click somewhere in this sentence. If you already read it, you’re one step ahead!

I left you guys not hitting arms and the ever so important core. So we’ll get right into it! Here are my favorite exercises for those pythons hanging from your arms, and that turtle shell you have under your t-​​shirt.

Arms: Chin-​​ups

Yeah, some of you probably were not expecting that. A lot of people look for curls, and triceps pressodowns to gain arm strength. However, truth be told, those are more show exercises then anything. You want to do an exercise that has carryover to your life, makes you strong, and leaves you looking pretty sexy. Enter the chin-​​up. This is a great exercise that works your upper back, biceps, forearms, and triceps. At STS we always use a neutral grip chin-​​up, for the reason I talked about in Part 1, it is a lot more comfortable position for the wrist and shoulder. Check out Sam demonstrating the neutral grip chin-​​up here:

Core: Farmer’s Carries

Again, not something you probably expected. But hey that’s why you’re here, right? I know sit-​​ups are a part of a lot of military testing so you need to be proficient in them. However, doing endless spinal flexion will not be pretty on your back in the long-​​term. When we look at training the core we basically break it down to 4 major categories:

  • Anti-​​Rotation
  • Anti-​​Flexion
  • Anti-​​Extension
  • Anti-​​Lateral Flexion

Things like plank variations, and Palloff presses are a great way to train the core. However, the whole point of this post is to give you kind of non-​​traditonal “fun” exercises. A great value exercise to train the core, along with numerous other things, is the farmer’s carry. These not only hit your entire core, but absolute smoke your grip, and a great way to end a workout. The other great benefit is there are dozens of variations so you will never get bored. If you can stand to listen to me talk for 5 minutes, I put up a great video on a bunch of variations you can do. Check it out here:

So, what did you think? Have you done those before? For those who didn’t know this was my first post here, and I am honored to now be a regular blogger for you guys. I have a ton of experience working with military personnel at my facility, as well as regular Joe’s and Jane’s, and a crap ton of youth athletes. I try to always throw some down to earth humor in all my work to keep you guys interested, so don’t take me to seriously. I have a strong passion for performance enhancement and athletic development so if you have any future topics you would like me to write about, just drop a comment here, or shoot me a message on my Facebook Page.

Thanks guys!



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