Does Bodybuilding Destroy your Heart?

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When a celebrity bodybuilder drops dead from a heart attack, it quickly hits the front page of the papers and becomes the topic of the day for many news outlets online.

Armchair health experts and licensed doctors and nutritional experts debate about why an athlete or bodybuilder after years of training and maintaining a healthy looking physique would drop dead of a heart attack or have by-​​pass surgery to unclog arteries. Non-​​exercisers may relish in the news. Finally, another reason for them to remain sedentary! But bodybuilders that want to build muscles and athletes that are training for endurance and performance want to know if they can find a bodybuilding supplement that works to gain muscle, enhance performance, and still protect the heart.

Can you have it all?

How Can Bodybuilding Damage the Heart?

bodybuilding and heart health 3First, let’s take a look at the connection between your heart health, bodybuilding, muscle growth.

Your heart is a muscle that thrives with exercise. Its job is to work tirelessly day in and day out to pump blood throughout your body. And if you’re lifting weights, training for a sport, and building muscles then you are going to be involved in more frequent and varying levels of exercise than the “average” civilian.

As a result, this exercise will put greater strain on your heart and require it to pump enough oxygenated blood to feed your activity. And…this is a good thing when your heart is healthy.

Exercise can, in fact, strengthen your cardiovascular system when it’s healthy and is supported with the right lifestyle choices that compliment your training. This means: eating clean, drinking enough water to flush your system, and taking dietary supplements to support and enhance your overall fitness training.

However, if you are not getting the best mix of nutrients in your diet, then the effects on your heart and entire cardiovascular system can be fatal.

And the problem with bodybuilding and heart disease is that too often guys train with the sole goal of getting big fast… at the risk of their heart health. They take an assortment of protein, creatine, steroids, potions, powders and pills in various forms to achieve instant bulk or shrink-​​wrapped abs with the least amount of effort in the least amount of time.

For bodybuilders seeking muscle, this doesn’t seem like a “problem” at all until they are lying on the operating room table.

And while many of these dietary supplements are in fact safe and give you the results you’re looking for, without the full nutritional story you could be setting yourself up for health and heart problems in the future.

Fact: Bodybuilding Requires Protein to Build Muscle…But that Protein may Damage your Heart

Building Muscle

Building Muscle

What? Now you may think that I’m just talking crazy! But…hear me out.

There is ongoing research that links certain proteins to an increase of homocysteine in the blood. Homocysteine is a known factor for cardiovascular disease. The protein source is question is not the type you derive from vegetables. The type of protein consumed that increases homocysteine is from animal sources.

A bodybuilder that wants muscle gain needs protein to feed those muscles, right? However, to keep your overall calorie count in check you probably try to avoid eating tons of meat and choose to supplement your required protein intake with milk-​​based proteins, right? Or, a protein shake in the morning is a lot more convenient than cooking up a steak.

And, because milk protein is absorbed slowly, it’s a good way to achieve greater muscle building throughout the day, long after you’re done working out.

Seems innocent enough.

Until you realize that milk-​​based protein (of which many of the protein powders are based) contains very little amounts of the B vitamins that are needed for the metabolism of homocysteine. And, most of us, no matter how clean our diets are, don’t get enough fruits and vegetables (with those important B vitamins) to make up for the deficiency. And if we do, then we often cook the goodness right out of them.

So what’s the solution? Some people choose vegetable based protein powders, but then lose the benefits of whey protein. Others seek bodybuilding supplements that work to correct the imbalance.

How to Enjoy Your Protein and Monitor your Cardiac Output

Military Training, bodybuilding and heart health

Military Training, bodybuilding and heart health

Most people don’t get a full heart checkup before they start working out. They figure that exercise is healthy. So whatever might be “wrong” will be corrected with bodybuilding and working out.

In part, that’s true. Any time you choose a healthier lifestyle that includes a good diet, proper nutritional support and exercise you’re way ahead of that guy sitting on the couch with burger and fries spilled on his t-​​shirt.

But you still gotta be smart about it.

You have to know your body, if you are pre-​​disposed to heart conditions, and your level of fitness when you begin training. Going balls out the first day and radically loading up on protein powders and various potions can cause all kinds of undesirable effect.

Monitor your progress…no matter what your ultimate fitness goals are. You can do this by monitoring your pulse rate and your cardio output.

When your cardiovascular system is fully developed, the pipes are clean, and the right amount of oxygenated blood is pumping through your veins, then no matter how much exertion you experience during a workout your pulse will never exceed a benchmark of 130–140 beats per minute.

You can read more about cardio output in this article about Sports Training.

Then, be sure that your dietary supplements are designed to help you achieve your bodybuilding and muscle building goals – safely. Yes, you can have muscles, eat meat and have a healthy heart!

The science team for Active Life Global Solutions, the makers behind Military Grade Nutritionals has had some exciting results in subjects taking their Multi-​​Purpose High-​​Potency Super Nutritional Complex Formula. You can read more about their findings in this press release for Heart Health and Dietary Supplements.

To summarize, test subjects (the human kind, not the rat kind) took 8 capsules a day over a period of 7 months. The results included:

  • Lower LDL Cholesterol levels
  • Lower Homocysteine levels
  • Lower Uric Acid levels
  • Higher levels of Folic Acid (part to the B-​​Vitamin family)

After these promising results, the tests has been expanded.

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Resources for bodybuilding and heart disease:


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