Preventing Shoulder Injury during Military Fitness Training

Daily Pushups

There’s nothing more frustrating during military fitness training than getting injured. It interrupts your progress. It tests your patience because you have to rest the injury. Then when you can get back to training, it’s going to feel like you’re starting all over again. Any muscle gain you had will be quickly lost.

It’s exactly this frustration that pushes people to return to their military fitness training before they’re really ready.

So what can you do? The best advice is to prevent injuries by practicing the best form in your weight training, running and overall physical routines. True, you will push your body beyond its limits and accomplish things that you never thought were possible. However, you have to watch out for overtraining and overstraining.

Shoulder Injuries and Military Fitness Training

As a soldier, you need upper body strength. To develop that strength you’ll be doing bench presses, push-​​ups, and pull ups…a lot. You need to be sure that your shoulders are taken care of as part of your overall military fitness training routine. If you’ve ever had a shoulder injury you know, it will shut you down.

Even though you may be accustomed to training with heavy weight, you really only need light weights for shoulders. There are lots of very small muscles in this area. Simple 5 pound weights will do the trick even if you can bench press your body weight. Sure, you may feel like a girly girl but just get over it.

Your routine can start with 10 reps of each of the following exercises, which follow the routine that sports medicine experts advise for baseball players:

  • External and Internal Rotations at 0 degrees
  • External and Internal Rotations at 90 degrees
  • Lateral Raises with palms down
  • Lateral Raises with palms forward
  • Lateral Raises with palms back
  • Front Raises
  • Jumping Jack Arms (don’t jump, just do the arm movements)
  • Military press (just using 5 lb. dumbbells)

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Dietary Supplements and Injuries

So what can you do in addition to the right shoulder exercises to lessen your risk of injury? Feed your muscles!

Give your body everything it needs to feed the work that you’re doing during military fitness training. This means your multi-​​vitamin as well as BCAA. All those skeletal muscles that you’re working need to have a full load of amino acids to build and get strong.

Now, it’s ridiculous to think that taking extra vitamins is going to “fix” an injury caused by overtraining or improper form. However, those extra vitamins and minerals will fortify the building blocks of your body to recover faster from training. Supplements provide the ingredients needed to build up the cells in your body – those cells make up the connective tissue, muscle tissue and every other part of your body. Dietary supplements can support optimal health at the cellular level. And, optimal health leads to optimal performance.

Do you know how important diet and nutritional fortification is to your Military Training Success?

Discover how science can give you the competitive edge…just when you need it most. Are you taking “generic” Dietary Supplements? Or are you fueling your body with the best there is?

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