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Retro Singer

Come, on, admit it, you watched at least one episode of American Idol or some other mutation of it, right?  Okay, okay, me to.  Did you ever notice the people with a certain ‘it’ quality — that X factor that seemed to transcend their singing ability?  Actually, the word ‘x factor’ is considered a noun and defined as a special talent or quality.  It’s also described as a “variable in a situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome” according to dictionary​.com.  Even though most of us don’t possess the pipes to become the next singing sensation, there is a nutritional x factor that will make us all winners!

Paradigm Shift

For over 50 years and billions of dollars in research there has been a gene-​​disease paradigm. That paradigm, or accepted way of thinking, was that diseases come from single pathway genetic mutations.  Drug and supplement (antioxidant) research focused on targeting those single bad or defective genes.  According to Dr. Alfredo Galvez, (Director of Research at the Missouri Plant Science Center) such a paradigm “has been successful in developing drugs against diseases or disease symptoms caused by mutations to single genes…but against complex chronic disease like cancer, developing effective drugs based on the gene-​​disease paradigm have not been successful.”  Dr. Galvez notes two major reasons:

  1. Of the 3 billion DNA sequences, there are only 2% protein coded genes — these guys are the heavy lifters responsible for every vital function from circulation to digestion.  Focusing on one single gene means ignoring the other 98% of your DNA.
  2. Formerly known as “Junk” (serving no particular purpose), the rest of your DNA is made up of important switches and regulators that work with the epigenome to control gene expression.  When you get a glitch in your switch, disease can follow.  The good news is that it can often be reversed through improved diet and lifestyle.   Since most cancers and chronic diseases are epigenetic in nature (multiple pathways), they can be reversed.

A Star is Born

We now know that targeted nutrition can influence multiple genes in multiple pathways which leads to disease prevention.  With the discovery of lunasin, Dr. Galvez states that lunasin is one of the very first dietary ingredients to do so by:

  • Inhibiting multiple genes that cause disease.
  • Increasing the expression of genes associated with cellular health.
  • Promoting cellular health, heart health, cholesterol management, inflammation reduction, skin health and improved immunity.

LunaRich X™ gives lunasin its star quality by optimizing lunasin content like no other product available today.  LunaRich X provides concentrated lunasin in convenient and affordable capsules.  Check out the performance power of one 125mg LunaRich X capsule:

  • It contains the equivalent lunasin content of 25 grams of high quality soy protein.
  • It contains more than 200 times the lunasin potency of high quality soy protein.
  • It activates the pathways and systems in the body to give you all of lunasin’s benefits.

Force Multiplier

When we look at force multipliers in military terms, they are attributes that make a given force more effective.  Studies show that increasing the amount of lunasin you consume increases the health benefits you receive.  Think of it as a health multiplier.  In addition to its own benefits, LunaRich X increases the benefits of other bioactive nutrients in two ways:

  1. Synergism — working in conjunction with other nutrients to create a greater beneficial effect. Since many health problems are caused by multiple pathways and associated interactions, disrupting these pathways with multiple bioactive ingredients can produce more effective results and greater prevention
  2. Potency — increasing the efficacy of other bioactive nutrients.  Certain nutrients activate important genes involved in maintaining health.  Once these genes are activated, the lunasin in LunaRich X further increases their expression making them more readily recognized by the cell and increasing healthy outcomes.

Hopefully by now you know the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet and the importance of supplementing your diet to fill in vital nutritional gaps.  You can now multiply your good health in exponential ways with LunaRich X by:

  • Adding 1–5 LunaRich X capsules per day to your routine.
  • Incorporating LunaRich® loaded Reliv nutritional formulas like Reliv Now®, ProVantage®, Glucaffect®, SoySentials® and Now for Kids® which all contain the same potency as one LunaRich X capsule. (see below for ordering information)

According to Ryan Schmidt, President and CEO of Soy Labs, Inc., LunaRich X is “an exclusive breakthrough in a world in desperate need of preventative health solutions.”  You now have more control over your health than you ever imagined which means you already have star quality.  Now release the power of your personal X factor and enjoy the spotlight of a vibrant and healthier you!

Here are a few simple ways to get LunaRich X:

“Reliv is on the forefront of the nutritional revolution.” Dr Galvez

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