AF PAST — Test Taking Tips (Transitions)

AF PAST — Test Taking Tips (Transitions)

Here is an email from an active duty airman who is training /​ trying out for the AF Para-​​rescue program (AFPJ). He is having issues with his running portion of the PAST which is arranged after the 500m swim.

I have been doing PAST workouts for several weeks. So far, I have done a practice PAST every Monday for the Past 4 weeks, today being the fourth one, and the running seems to kill me every time. The scheduled PAST that I have officially coming up is during the last week of March, somewhere between March 25–29.

It could be your transition or you need a better recovery program. Can you run well normally without the swim first? Perhaps you need to train for your transitions and do more swim — runs and read:

Transition Training: Train for the PFT or PAST


For more recovery ideas (eating right, sleeping, arranging workouts so muscle group /​ legs recover properly:

Especially at age 30, you should actively pursue recovery skills — ALL of them.

Here is what is happening during your PAST:

When you swim your upper body gets pumped up — when you run your body needs that blood that is in your upper body to go to the legs and lungs. During your “rest” period that is when you need to get the blood down to your legs by doing a short and slow 1/​4– mile jog while shaking out your arms /​ stretching your chest /​ shoulders. Then end with stretching your legs.

See what a run by itself is and then the following day see what a swim –run is. This may give me a better idea of what is going on. It is likely not your fitness level if you are doing the workouts 5–6 days a week BUT it could be lack of transition.

Make sure you stay hydrated /​ sugared up as you will be anaerobic during this event and you need all the blood sugar /​ glycogen to perform at your best. I usually just sip on some fruit juice /​ gatorade during fitness tests. Chewing bubble gum in between events can help you push harder when you normally would run out of gas.



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