Bud Seal Training: Hollywood Motivation is not Enough

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Buds seal training has gained a lot of exposure lately thanks to Hollywood. The general public fills up movie theatres to be entertained by big screen heroes and villains. Batman and the Joker, Spiderman and the Lizard, Hans Solo and Darth Vader. Sure they are made up, but the big screen can make even the highest office in the US believe that heroes and villains are meant for Hollywood.

But ask any soldier working special ops like the Navy Seals and you’ll know that the U.S. has real-​​life heroes with real-​​life villains to conquer. And Hollywood is usually nowhere to be seen when it happens.

After the capture of what may be one of modern-​​day history’s biggest villains, Osama Bin Laden, and the success of the Box Office hit Act of Valor, men all over the country are interested in joining ranks with this elite class of hero. But what does it really take to become part of the most elite military force? You may be motivated by the movies – but do you have the conviction to do the job? What does it take to get through Navy Seal Training?

Buds Seal: Elite Military Force

buds seal training 3It’s said that when Washington wants something done – they give it to a SEAL. The Navy SEALs carry out missions no one else can; missions that most civilians don’t know about. As a result of elite military forces and their special duties, many wars have been avoided. It’s not always a pretty job; it’s not always a glorious job; but it’s a job that must be done.

The public and political debate will continue about who should get credit for the acts of valor and often life-​​threatening operations that these men go on. While others “talk”, SEALs just get to work. The fact is that men in special ops are called to this kind of duty by a deep conviction about things that ought to be done. They are not looking for fame and fortune. They want to make a difference. They want to live an extraordinary life and do work that they are proud to do – and work that they are pretty damn good at!

They are our real-​​life modern-​​day warriors and heroes. Their job doesn’t stop when a director yells “cut”…their job ends when the mission is done.

Bud Seal Training: Getting in to Navy Seal Training is just the first step

To become an elite warrior, a Navy SEAL goes through the most grueling training program imaginable. Basic Underwater Demolition or BUDs Seal Training transforms already incredibly fit Navy soldiers into the most fearsome fighting force in the world.

It begins when the NAVY identifies those who have the mental and physical attributes to become Navy SEALs and allows them to prep for BUDs SEAL Training. You might be wondering if you are wired for the rigors of a SEAL. Maybe. The science of identifying warriors is real. Read about the science behind Navy Seal attributes here.

The preparatory school for BUDs is held in Great Lakes, Illinois. Students do nothing but physical training for two months to achieve physical fitness levels that Navy SEAL training demands.

At the end of the preparatory school SEAL candidates need to pass a fitness test in order to have the chance to go to BUDs training. This test includes a 1000-​​yard swim in less than 20 minutes, 70 push-​​ups in under two minutes, 60 sit-​​ups in under two minutes, 10 pull-​​ups and a four-​​mile run in under 31 minutes. Those who don’t pass this test get sent back to training for another job in the Navy.

San Diego Vacation? Navy Seal Training

buds seal training 2The BUDs Seal Training is a six-​​month program out of Coronado, California at the Navy’s Special Warfare Training Center. The first phase of BUDs training lasts three weeks and introduces the students to the intense rigors that Navy SEAL training offers.

At the start of the second phase of BUDs training candidates are required to pass every component of a fitness test. They must swim 500 yards in under nine minutes, do 100 push-​​ups in less than two minutes, do 100 sit-​​ups in less than two minutes, do more than 20 pull-​​ups and do a mile and a half run in under nine minutes while wearing combat boots.

That is just the first in a series of tests that students must pass every week of their training. The second phase of training lasts seven weeks, and every week the budding SEALs are required to get better and better scores on their weekly fitness tests. The final week of this seven-​​week phase of training is the infamous Hell Week.

Navy Hell Week is quite possibly the most grueling training course every devised. Over the five and a half days of Hell Week, students get a total of four hours of sleep. That’s four hours for the whole week, not for each night. They also have to run 200 miles during Hell Week. Physical training lasts for 20 hours a day during this insane phase of training.

Those who survive Hell Week go on to learn combat skills needed as a Navy SEAL. They learn combat diving over seven weeks, land warfare over seven weeks and six weeks of tactical training. Then they’re assigned to a SEAL unit, becoming one of the toughest men in the world.

The best soldiers do more than “survive” Buds Seal Training…they thrive. They need the mental toughness and physical stamina to be able to get to their target in the most grueling conditions and then be able to carry out missions with mental clarity. This takes nutritional fortification through real food and with dietary supplements as needed.

Military Grade Nutritionals created the NavySeal Formula to support these heroes.  Your health is our security.

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