Can Science Determine Who is Buds Seal Training-​​Worthy?

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A soldier considering Military Training for Elite Operations like Buds Seal usually focuses first on physical strength and endurance. And while that’s important if it’s all you focus on then you are likely to fail. To succeed and thrive you need something else. You need “extra”.

Just like there are a lot of talented singers with a good set of pipes; not all have what it takes to become even mildly successful, rich, or famous. They fall to the wayside at the local karaoke bar.

There really is more to being a SEAL than meets the eye. A muscular body and a crew cut are not going to be what gets you into the most elite force in the United States. You need heart (as in dedication, perseverance and steady will), and you need a strong heart (as in a strong cardiovascular system to support the physical and mental demands of being in Special Ops).

Can Scientific Research Determine who is Buds Seal Training-​​Worthy?

Navy Seal Training TipsResearch is constantly being conducted by the military to try and determine the best nutritional, dietary and supplemental support needed to keep their soldiers well-​​tuned and well trained for their jobs.

They also seek ways to accurately determine who will and who will not be successful in high-​​intense operations. A lot of this is determined during the actual Buds Seal Training where men are put through physical and mental tests.

But what if there was a scientific measurement that could be administered even before resources were expended in Buds Seal training to determine success?

What can we learn about the mind-​​body connection from those men who are successful in Navy Seal Training that can then be taught or replicated in future recruits?

How could a higher success rate affect the whole program by only letting the cream of crop even enter training?

And then, could there be the possibility of “bottling up” the foundational cause of that success to create an even greater pool of capable men that enter and finish the training?

Much like the greatest sport-​​specific coaches are able to pick out future elite athletes, do we have the ability to pick out the best future soldiers? I know, this sounds very much like Rocky IV where Rocky Balboa goes up against Ivan Drago…but I assure you it’s not all Hollywood.

Success in Navy Seal Training: How’s your Heart?

Navy Seal Training TipsA strong cardiovascular system, as you already know, has a lot of benefits for someone involved in weight or strength training. Cardiac output and how well your heart pumps the right levels of oxygenated blood into your system is one of the factors that determine your level of overall fitness.

In at least one study, performed by the Naval Health Research Center, it was determined the heart may also play an important role in recovery and success for a Navy Seal.

One thing they focused on was the “heart rate dipping”. In a nutshell, this measures sleep-​​related decreases in heart rate. During sleep when you are in a relaxed state the parasympathetic system can do its’ job. The measurement of heart rate dipping may be an indicator of how well someone is able to adapt and then recover from stress.

Parasympathetic activity normally increases when you sleep, and greater heart rate dipping may mean that you get more restorative sleep.

What they noticed in the study is that the more substantial the heart rate dipping, the better the individual responded and then recovered from stress. And the type of stress studied was both everyday stress, and the type of combat stress experienced during SERE training.

So what does this mean?

It’s possible that when you have mental clarity during activities that are stressful, you have an improved chance of identifying what is considered imminent danger over a situation where you simply must remain alert or cautious.

In other words, mental clarity helps you to avoid over-​​reaction, mentally or physiologically.

Mental clarity allows you to perform your duties like a well-​​oiled machine; like an elite athlete that has practiced the same shot, the same run, the same hurdle, over and over and over again until you can literally do it in your sleep.

This is more than mental imagery. This is actual physical repetition mixed with mental clarity and toughness, and physical endurance all supported by a healthy cardiovascular system so that you recover from stress quickly.

Many choose military grade nutritional formulas to fortify your physical efforts and keep your mind clear no matter what environmental conditions or stress factors you face.

Navy Seal Training Supported by Science

Best Dietary Supplements for Military Training

Best Dietary Supplements for Military Training

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  1. Brian says:

    Science is a tool. The factors that set the best apart from the rest are values, attitudes, beliefs and a higher good: something larger and more important than one\‘s self. A personal goal, native ability, competent use of scienific data, and healthy lifestyle are pluses, but hope and self-​​sacrifice coupled to rational, objective training make possible superhuman feats, the physical basis for which are not currently understood by science. Each man must have a suitable answer to, \“What am I ultimately fighting for?\” The disintegration of American culture into moral bankruptcy places a burden on soldiers that cannot easily be overcome. If the final determination dictates that our nation\‘s people and our government are not in any infinite sense worth protecting, military units will always fight from a finite perspective. The impossible will remain impossible, and the bar for what is impossible will drop. Excellence will give way to mediocrity.

    • Brian — thanks for sharing…true — the big \“WHY\” for what you\‘re doing can carry you beyond what science and physical ability say is possible. And when you have your foundation in place physically, there is no telling how far your determination, values, attitudes and beliefs will take you.

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