Military Training Tip #154: Nobody Ever Drown in Sweat

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You’ve seen the movies and military bootcamp training clips, right? A staff sergeant up in your face yelling and screaming for you to do more, push yourself harder and insulting your mama and her combat-​​boot wearing ways.

Most guys respond with an “I’ll show you, you S.O.B.” kind of attitude, fight back and kick it in gear building mental toughness and physical endurance.

For some, this works. For others it’s a recipe for disaster. They actually do push themselves beyond their physical limits and their body quits…way sooner than their mind, pride, ego and spirit do.

If you are entering military bootcamp training with a body that’s not fully conditioned, then you could be setting yourself up for a setback in training. And that sucks.

Military Training: No Room for Excuses, Whining, or Dangerous Shortcuts

combat training - dietary supplements for militaryThe good news is that with the right information and nutritional support…you can build a strong foundation and your body can keep up with your will to win.

Yes…I know that it’s frustrating when that guy at the gym is bigger than you and you’re comparing your progress to his. And, you probably suspect that he’s juicing up. And, you may even be tempted to take this dangerous shortcut, risk your long-​​term health, just for the sake of short term muscle gain.


You only see what’s on the outside…but inside that guy could be totally messed up. And his girl could be kinda upset too. If he’s juicing up then his stellar performance in the gym is probably not being matched with his performance in the bedroom.

Think about that one for a minute…

What’s the Real Backbone to Successful Military Training?

Want real results? Not just for a month or two…but for a lifetime?

Then listen to what those guys in the white lab coats are saying about how to really succeed and thrive in military bootcamp training and with your goals of building muscle, endurance, mental and physical domination.

There is merit to the science of sports nutrition. And, that research falls right in line with what you want to achieve in your military career.

First and foremost: Take care of your heart.

Your cardiovascular system is the backbone to successful training. When you increase your cardiac output , your rate of blood flow and the flow of oxygen-​​rich blood to your muscle tissue you get:

  • Muscle growth
  • Mental focus
  • Quick Recovery
  • Success…Long term!

Ultimately, when you’re preparing for military bootcamp, or preparing for a career as an elite athlete, special ops soldier in an elite force such as the Navy Seals, or involved in high-​​risk occupations like S.W.A.T…your mental and physical health are your responsibility. When your team is on a mission the last thing anybody wants to hear is “I’m not prepared because…”

No excuses…in some situations excuses can be fatal.

The right Dietary Supplements, Nutritional Advice and training are all available to you. It’s up to you to do something about it.

Military Grade Nutritionals-​​Dietary Supplements for Extreme Conditions

Navy Seal Formula - Army and Sports Professional Formula

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