Strength Diet Tips: What to Include, What to Eliminate

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What does your strength diet look like? Protein, carbs and good fats, right? Seems simple. Most people know that to build muscle they need protein to support growth. So the logical conclusion is to eat more protein. They want endurance, they eat more carbs.

So what’s on your plate to build strength?

Meat, glorious meat…or a good mix of veggies and legumes will give you enough complete proteins to achieve your goal. And “common knowledge” tells us that pasta will give us the carbs.

ps….yes, you can get carbs for other sources too…

But how can you explain less –than-​​stellar-​​fitness even though you’re doing all that? Why are you not getting the performance results that you really want?

What’s On Your Plate?

Sure, you may see some muscle but are you also getting the strength, endurance and overall health that being fit and maintaining a healthy weight promise?

For some athletes, the answer is yes; for others…not so much.

A common myth, or maybe it’s  just wishful thinking, is that when you’re active, bodybuilding and building muscle, you can eat anything you want because you’re burning more calories. To lose weight or maintain a healthy physique many believe all you have to do is get that calories-​​in/​calories-​​out ratio right.


Not so fast.

strength diet 3What you eat is just as important as how much you eat. And despite the confusion…all calories are not created equal.

When you want the best strength diet you’ve got to take some stuff out. The biggest culprits are the nasty chemicals pumped into what sits on our grocery shelves before, during, and after the food growing and manufacturing process.

These toxic chemicals mess with your hormones (guy and gal hormones). Your body just doesn’t know what to do with them. Your endocrine system gets taxed and tired by trying to keep everything in balance. Result? A continuous stream of hormone-​​altering chemicals can really cause havoc to your best diet intentions for building strength.

What should you take out of your Diet for Better Results?

Let’s start here: Trans-​​Fats cooked up in a lab increase Bad Cholesterol.

These are hydrogenated fats found in most of our “convenience” foods like chips, crackers, pie, bread, and anything else that will “stay fresh” on the store shelves longer than what is humanly possible.

Resist the urge to stock up in preparation of the Armageddon. What fun would there be in surviving the end of the world only to die prematurely of heart disease as a shriveled up, muscle-​​less lump of flesh?

So what’s the connection between these fats and a great strength diet?

Trans-​​fats increase inflammation in the body and increase the level of interleukin-​​6 in your blood. Research has shown that inflammation caused by higher interleukin-​​6 levels cause the liver to stop responding to growth hormones.

Growth hormones are what help keep your body young-​​like. Most of you know that as you age, the level of growth hormone in your body naturally decreases. However, when you can maintain higher levels of growth hormone naturally through your lifestyle, dietary supplements, and nutrition, you can ward off pre-​​mature aging and many of the negative signs of aging.

If you’re building muscle, sports training, and in general trying to keep a healthy physique that will carry you through life and through your sport, why would you sabotage these efforts by shutting down optimal liver functions with a bag of processed garbage?

And don’t be fooled by the “no trans-​​fat” marketing message on the label. Food manufacturers can make that claim when a single portion of the food contains 500 mg or less of trans-​​fat. And you can bet your hard earned muscle that they’ve done the math and have adjusted their serving sizes accordingly.

You need just 20–60 calories from lab-​​cooked trans-​​fatty acids a day to start damaging your heart.  And…it’s cumulative throughout your daily diet. Just one more serving of cookie, pie, margarine, or other such “treat” can push you over the edge.

What to Add to your Strength Diet to Improve Performance?

strength diet 1Add more of the good stuff. This is real food that’s grown, processed and packaged as close to nature as possible. This will help you eliminate a lot of the harmful chemicals that can screw up your hormones and your sports training efforts.

Do you have to do everything Organic, or grass fed?

No. While that may be ideal, these products often cost more (but still less, possibly, than a lifetime of pharmaceuticals needed to counteract the accumulative effects of a poor diet…hmmmm). And, most people are not able to stay completely organic. Don’t worry, here are a few tips:

  1. Buy organic for fruits and veggies that you eat the most.
  2. Buy organic for thinner skinned fruits and veggies – many of the thicker skinned varieties allow less penetration of chemicals.
  3. Choose organic meat, dairy and eggs as often as possible. It seems that there is a huge financial reward to producers in this food sector to grow things better, bigger and faster. And to do so, they load them up with hormone-​​altering chemicals.
  4. Finally, when you want the most control over your sports diet then the best suggestion is to get into the kitchen and start cooking at home more often than you do now. It’s not as hard as you might think. Plus it will be a lot easier for you to control the quality of your strength diet when you control the quality of the food that goes onto your plate.

Note: Even the best diet may not contain everything you need. That’s where the best dietary supplements can help.

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